Susan Roberts Academy of Performing Arts

Susan Roberts Academy of Performing Arts

The Susan Roberts Academy has been providing professional training in all aspects of the performing arts since its establishment in 1996.

Our teaching faculty are experienced professionals in their respective fields both as performers and as teachers which is reflected in our excellent standards and exam results.

We welcome both the career minded student and the serious hobbyist to fulfil their potential. The Academy currently has over 400 students and caters for pupils of all levels, abilities and ages with baby ballet starting at age 2½ and adult classes in ballet, tap and Zumba. So whether you want to take up an evening class or wish to pursue a career in the world of Performing Arts, there is something for everyone.

For those who wish to pursue a career in the performing arts we provide a strong training in core technique. Students are encouraged to have realistic expectations both of their own abilities and the nature of ‘the profession’.

At SRA we believe that performing arts training has value in its own right. The work we do here equips students with key life-skills for any workplace. We also work hard to create a friendly atmosphere that nurtures and supports growth both as performers and as people. We also believe that each and every student has their own unique qualities that need to be valued and allowed to develop.

2004 saw the launch of the SRA Agency, and the response from the industry has been incredible. Look through the agencys success stories and you will see a breadth of life experiences that we have been able to give students the opportunity to take part in. Ultimately that is what the agency was created for; providing a mechanism for the academy’s talent to experience the industry first hand whilst having the support and protection of SRA whilst out ‘in the field’.