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Becoming a parent can be challenging so the NSPCC has put together some advice to help you bond with your baby, cope with tantrums and help them sleep.


Crying is how your baby communicates. It might mean they’re too hot or cold, hungry, windy, have a full nappy or just need some attention.

If you don’t know the cause try and calm them by:

  • Singing
  • Baby massage
  • Going for a walk


This is how toddlers test their boundaries. If you can’t find a reason, such as being hungry or tired, try:

  • Distracting them with an activity
  • Drawing their attention to something else
  • Telling them you know how they feel if they’re angry


By three months babies are responsive to sleep cues so introduce them early with a short routine so your baby knows it’s time to sleep:

  • Run a bath
  • Read them a story
  • Try separating the bedtime feed from your routine
  • Put your baby to bed drowsy but not fully asleep – falling asleep on their own means they’re more likely to settle themselves in the night
  • Keep daytime naps regular but from nine months avoid them late afternoonPhotography by Tom Hull. The children pictured are volunteers. Registered charity England and Wales 216401 Scotland SC037717


Surrey primary school children benefit from new book to help develop positive mental health

 All 317 primary schools across Surrey are receiving a specially written book and teaching resource pack to help their Reception and Year 1 pupils develop into emotionally and mentally resilient teenagers and adults.

 Surrey school nurse Katrina Sealey created the book, Angry, ANGRY Angus, for schools to use with Reception and Year 1 children as part of the national Physical Health Social Education (PHSE) curriculum.

 The book, activities and lesson plan will help teachers and parents to give children aged four to six the words they need to talk about their feelings and express their emotions, thus increasing their chances of having good mental health as they grow up.

 Children and Family Health Surrey funded a successful pilot of the book and teaching resource pack last year. Both are now being made available to all infant and primary schools in Surrey. All libraries in Surrey have also received a copy of Angry, ANGRY Angus.

 The author of Angry, ANGRY Angus, Katrina Sealey from Epsom, is a Specialist Practitioner School Nurse working at Children and Family Health Surrey.

 Katrina Sealey, author, says: “Mental health and emotional wellbeing is such a important and growing issue for children and young people. In 2004, 10.1% of 5-15 year olds suffered mental ill health, rising to 11.2% in 2017*. This is equivalent to four children in a class of 32.

 “To improve the country’s mental health we need to start with the next generation – by helping young children to understand and effectively express their feelings and emotions and understand those around them. Angry ANGRY Angus is helping to give children the skills to live in good mental health as they grow up.”

 Trudy Mills, Director of Children and Family Health Surrey, says: “We’re really proud to be offering this valuable initiative to all the primary schools in Surrey, especially with Children’s Mental Health Week taking place this week (4 to 10 February).

 “Promoting the mental and emotional health and resilience of children and young people is an important part of the new NHS Long Term Plan and Angry, ANGRY Angus does this in a fun way that children can understand and enjoy.” 

 The book features Angus the badger who sometimes feels angry but doesn’t know how to tell people how he feels without losing him temper. His family and friends show him how to listen to those around him and how to talk about what he is feeling. Angus learns he can even help his friends to feel less angry by listening and talking to them.

 Angry, ANGRY Angus introduces children to the language they need to discuss their feelings.  Phrases like ‘I think’, ‘I feel’, ‘I know’ and ‘I remember’ give children the words they need to explain what is happening inside them.

 Anyone interested in the book can buy it online at or visit

 Katrina Sealey was named ‘Rising Star of the Year’ at the annual Nursing Times Awards in November 2017.


  • National midwife shortage leaves 2 in 3 mums feeling under-supported
  • Half of pregnant women consult the internet for advice
  • 36% want additional breastfeeding support

 New mums are the latest demographic to feel the sting of a stretched NHS, as research reveals overstretched resources have left 66% of mums wishing they’d been given more time with their midwife during pregnancy.

The survey of 300 mums who have given birth in the UK in past five years, published in the UK Maternity Report by the UK’s leading private midwifery services provider, Private Midwives, has revealed that throughout their pregnancies only 1 in 3 felt they had enough time with their midwife.

And more than 1 in 10 (13%) went as far as to say they received nowhere near enough contact time.

The study highlighted the need for additional midwifery funding to ease the strain on the UK’s hardworking midwives and enable them to execute the desired level of care.

Midwives are now being faced with a higher volume of work than ever with additional responsibilities including antibiotic administration, clinical observations on high risk babies, post-operative care and increasing demands for documentation. As such, giving their patients the time and support they deserve proves to be a daily struggle.

The research also revealed that more than half (51%) resorted to consulting the internet for advice when their midwife was not on-hand. Yet, understandably, 38% of women admitted to then feeling anxious about trusting information supplied via a search engine.

The need for being able to ask a midwife for professional advice is further evidenced by the fact that more than 1 in 3 mums (34%) woke in the night with pregnancy-related worries.

Linda Bryceland, head of midwifery at Private Midwives, said: “Unfortunately, budget cuts and a fast-growing list of duties means the UK’s extremely hardworking NHS midwives are under more strain than ever. Sadly, despite NHS midwives working tirelessly to ensure a high level of care is delivered, it is still common for women to feel under-supported during their birthing journey.

“It is important for women and their families to consult a medical professional with any pregnancy-related concerns so that proper support can be offered. Whilst the internet now offers a wealth of information on pregnancy, an online search should never replace medically sound advice from a trained midwife. Our aim is to provide women and their families with all the support they need to make their pregnancy a positive experience.”

Highlighting the importance of having support from a professional during the pregnancy journey, 24% of UK mums admitted to finding breastfeeding difficult and more than 1 in 3 (36%) believe they would have benefitted from additional support when learning to breastfeed.

Almost 1 in 5 (19%) mums believe that with more support from medical professionals, they could have possibly breastfed for longer.

Sadly, 18% of mums confessed to feeling like a bad mother as a result of not being able to breastfeed, further highlighting the need for additional medical advice and the importance of one-to-one support from a midwife.

Private Midwives is the UK’s leading provider of private midwifery services, which connects expectant parents with expert private midwives who provide antenatal care, birth care, birth support, and postnatal care at times and locations that work best for parents-to-be.

Founded in 2012, the Cheshire-based business has a network of midwives across the UK and Ireland, who are available to provide treatment and advice during appointments arranged at a time to suit mothers-to-be. In-between scheduled appointments, expectant parents can also contact their 24 hours, 365 days per year for urgent advice.

All midwives are registered and regulated by either the Nursing and Midwifery Council (UK) or the Nursing and Midwifery Board for Ireland, and the service is Care Quality Commission registered and regulated.

For more information, visit

We are very excited to be starting opening our Little Dippers baby swim classes at a beautiful private pool in Cranleigh.  Based just off the A281 so easy access for anyone coming from as far as Guildford or Horsham.

Our classes are half hour sessions teaching babies confidence in the water. We keep to a maximum of 6 babies in a session to maintain a calm and relaxed environment for both parent and baby.

Our aim is to teach babies key water safety techniques in a way that is both fun and nurturing.  As well as great exercise for your baby improving their cognitive skills, it is also a great opportunity to spend some special one on one time with your baby.

We are offering a 20% introductory discount for our new courses starting in Feb, you can either book online on our website or call us in the office and we can help book you in over the phone. T: 01273 229 390

On a crisp and cold Saturday evening, fearless folk brought their warmth and bravery to Guildford’s Stoke Park to take part in a walk with a difference – the Shooting Star Chase
Fire Walk.

Over 50 brave ‘soles’ came together to walk over burning embers for the local children’s hospice charity, raising thousands for the babies, children and young people, and their families who are facing the most unimaginable circumstances.

Before the daring walkers put their best foot forward, they were given a full briefing on the challenge ahead by Cliff Mann from Time 4 Change, who explained the history of fire walking, how to mentally prepare and most importantly how to do it correctly!

Cliff and his team then made the final preparations to the fire, including measuring the temperature, before they themselves walked across to show exactly how it’s done. It was then the turn of the fire walkers who stepped forward to take on the heat.

After their triumphant walk, the participants were presented with a bespoke Shooting Star Chase Fire Walk 2018 medal before having a chance to celebrate and enjoy the annual Guildford Lion Fireworks Fiesta with friends and family.

Close friends Ellen and Sarah took on the heat together; Sarah said; “I feel quite emotional. It was amazing, really amazing. I was really nervous before but we did it!”

Ellen agrees, “I purposely didn’t think too much about it beforehand. My daughter Sophie is supported by Shooting Star Chase, as the whole family are, and the amount that Sophie goes through day to day pain wise, procedure wise, surgery wise, it wasn’t a patch on any of that – it was so worth doing and I am very pleased to of done it. From a personal point of view, the amount of support and the use of Christopher’s (the Guildford hospice)…it just makes the world of difference to us to be able to go somewhere we can be as a family without Sophie’s additional needs and medical issues being a problem. So I urge you to do it next year!”

The event has raised £19,507 to date and counting, which will help Shooting Star Chase support and care for families practically and emotionally across London and Surrey.

Emma Edwards, Challenge Events Fundraiser, said, “The Fire Walk has been such a fantastic night and we are beyond proud of everyone who took part and helped on the evening. It’s no mean feat to walk over burning embers and even though some of our walkers were understandably nervous at first, they all conquered their fears and took on the challenge! They were on fire with their fundraising efforts, all of which will go toward making every moment count for the families we support.”

If this has fuelled your fire why not register your interest for Fire Walk 2019 at and if you have a burning desire to take on a challenge in aid of Shooting Star Chase why not visit our Challenge Events page – to find out more!

To hear more about Shooting Star Chase – sign up to enews by visiting

Children’s Activities Week 2019 kicked off in style at the What’s On 4 Kids Awards event last week.  Headline sponsors Morton Michel and the Bears joined ambassadors Dick and Dom and we were treated to uplifting songs from Jonathan Bremner (X factor 2006 finalist in case you wondered!) as we heard more from Caudwell Children about how much we have already helped.  We’re now all set for a fabulous Children’s Activities Week from 13th to 17th May 2019.

Are you a children’s activities provider? Register and get directly involved now or you may also be interested in sponsorship if you want to reach the family and/or SME market?

In brief, we have all this planned:

  • WatchMeFly is back!  This worked so well this year and made a huge visual impact across social media with a 26 million reach on Twitter alone
  • Children will take part in different sponsored challenges during the week
  • There is a big showcase on Friday 17th May 2019 at the brand new Caudwell International Children Centre! And Dick and Dom will be coming along to join in with as many activities as possible too!
  • A big PR and social media campaign will be ramping up and during the week each day will have a theme so Sport and Physical Activity, Arts and Craft, Music and Performing Arts so we can promote the very specific benefits of each of these range of activities.
  • Huge thank you to Morton Michel, ClassBiz, ICON Training, Family Grapevine, What’s On 4 Kids, Nursery World and Learning Resources for coming on board already to help us make the Children’s Activities Week possible again!

Find out more about the week and all the fun we have planned over at


Continuing on his mission to find a cure for Duchenne, a dad of three from Epsom is taking on his fifth fundraising challenge in four years for a charity close to his heart.

Since two of his sons, Theo (7) and Oskar (5), were diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in 2014, Nick Taussig has been fighting tirelessly to raise money for Harrison’s Fund, so it can continue its work funding research into the disease.

The charity was set up in 2012 and funds research into Duchenne – a rare genetic condition which affects all the muscles in the body, causing them to waste away.  Harrison’s Fund’s goal is to get as much money as possible into the hands of the world’s best researchers, who are working to find a cure for Duchenne. The charity is currently funding 16 research projects in the US and the UK.

Since 2014 Nick has raised more than £100,000 by running marathons and organising cycling events. The latest challenge will see Nick take part in the Phoenix Riverside Marathon on Sunday 18 November.

Nick, 45, said: “Theo and Oskar are happy boys, but as their condition progresses, both of them are now part reliant on wheelchairs. Theo is due to participate in a clinical trial this year, and we hope to have Oskar on a different trial by the of next year, as Duchenne research studies, and the search for a significant treatment and/or cure, steadily gain in number and momentum I am keen to continue to do all I can to raise awareness and money for Harrison’s Fund.”

Phoenix Riverside Marathon sees participants run along the River Thames from Walton on Thames to Hampton Court and back. Runners complete four identical laps for the full marathon distance.  Nick is hoping to raise £2,750.

Laura Morgan, Events Fundraiser at Harrison’s Fund said: “Nick is such an inspirational person, he just never stops with his ideas of how to raise money and awareness of the charity. The amount he has raised over the years is just incredible and like any parent would, Nick won’t rest until he finds a cure.”

To support Nick please visit :


New research has revealed that the number of young carers in England is significantly higher than
previously estimated at 800,000. Research commissioned by the BBC and carried out by Nottingham University shows that there are a staggering six young carers in every secondary school class. This means that in Surrey, we have over 13,000 secondary school age children working to support parents, siblings and other family members.
The young carers have always been there, but are often undetected, meaning children are left to manage on their own, often struggling, isolated and failing to thrive. Being a young carer can affect a child’s school attendance, educational achievement, mental and physical health, and future life chances.
In Surrey, Surrey Young Carers, part of Action for Carers, works to support these children.
We offer free, impartial information and support to young carers and their families on minimising the
impact of their caring role. We also provide workshops, forums, fun activities and groups. We give young carers time out from caring and help them to achieve their full potential. We also offer training to health, social care and educational professionals. Young carers can get in touch on 01483 568269, or visit our website

“Now I’m at uni I’m heading into my third year studying costume design and making, which
is very fun! And I’m really, really glad that I was a part of Surrey Young Carers because if it
wasn’t for them, no way would I be at university now. More than likely I would be homeless
or would have been homeless 100% at one point. And I would definitely be struggling a lot
more with mental health and wellbeing issues.” Young Carer, Surrey

“As soon as I joined Surrey Young Carers, things started to get easier. Finally I met other
people in the same boat as me, who I could talk through my experiences with, and I have a
better social life too. It’s made such a difference.” Young Carer, Surrey

Free resource for Surrey schools – ‘People Like Us’
We also have a resource for schools to help teachers and pupils identify and support the young carers in their midst. ‘People Like Us’ was launched earlier this year, and is being given free to all Surrey’s schools.
Research from Carers Trust has shown 68% of young carers are bullied in school – and miss an average of 48 school days because of their caring role. Often teachers are not aware of the young carers in their class – 39% of young carers said that nobody in their school knew about their caring role.

Barbara Cormie, Marketing and Communications Manager, Action for Carers Surrey
Tel 01483 302748 | Mobile 07966 396217 | Email [email protected]
Amanda Yarker, Assistant Manager, Surrey Young Carers, Action for Carers Surrey
Tel 01483 568269 x208 | Mobile 07714 076263 | Email [email protected]

Starlight Children’s Foundation hosted a series of summer events for seriously ill children and their families across the UK. The children’s charity, which provides support to families through extensive hospital entertainment and wish granting, held a total of five Starlight Escapes to give children and young people with serious and lifelong conditions some much-needed time away from their hospital beds and treatment.

The Escape season kicked off in June with two boating parties at Sonning and Hampton Court. Here children got dressed up in pirate gear and enjoyed a host of pirate themed games, including walking the plank, before families set off on a real pirate adventure down the River Thames.

The next memorable day out was the charity’s Sky-High event at Preston Capes in Northamptonshire. Both children and their families from the surrounding areas, enjoyed the thrill of helicopter rides, plus rides on a vintage bus, fire engine and tractors when back on the ground.

Sam Hines, mum to Starlight wish child Brandon who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy said ‘It was the most enjoyable day we’ve ever had, the lads absolutely loved it, especially the helicopter ride.

It was amazing from start to finish. We struggle to get both boys out and about due to them both being in wheelchairs, but everyone was so helpful. It was so refreshing for us all to get out as a family and make memories. It will definitely be a day we won’t forget”.

Starlight then held their annual Summer Party at Belmont Farm in London on one of the hottest days of the year at the end of July. The outdoor fete-style party has become a much-loved day out for Starlight wish children and their families, as well as families from local hospitals and hospices.

The jam-packed day included clay pigeon shooting, an animal petting area and pony and trap rides to arts and crafts, a bouncy castle and fete games.

The charity then rounded off their summer of fun with their biggest event of the year at Popham Airfield in Winchester. The event, which was attended by almost 700 people, included helicopter and aeroplane rides at what was an unforgettable day of adrenaline fuelled action!

The fun didn’t stop back on solid ground, with pony rides, magicians, entertainers, face-painters and rides on some very special motorbikes and supercars. The day also finished with Starlight’s first ever ‘Floss off’ with children, families, volunteers and staff all taking to the dance floor to show off their best moves!

Starlight’s Escapes are supported by volunteers, who offer their time, expertise and vehicles to create a truly special day for the families. The events have become crucial days out for families with seriously ill children, as they provide them with the opportunity to spend memorable days together at a time when they need it the most.

Roberto’s mum, who attended the boating escape at The Upper Thames Yacht Club at Hampton Court, sums up the Starlight Escape experience as;

“Days like today are a great moment to pause and remember the gift of being a family, to have

time together that isn’t about trips to hospital, needles or bad stuff. They really are ‘respite days’ – a way in which to escape and feel a million miles away from the normal stuff”.

For more information and to find out how you can help Starlight provide more days out for seriously ill children and their families visit

Parents, carers and grandparents across Surrey will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s behaviour and development as new, free online guides are launched by Children and Family Health Surrey and Surrey County Council.

The guides normally cost £39, but Surrey residents can register for free access through their computer, tablet or smartphone by visiting or After registering online, they will have unlimited access.

Pauline Bigwood, Professional Lead for Health Visiting at Children and Family Health Surrey, says: “Anyone living in Surrey who cares for a child – mums, dads, carers and grandparents – will find these excellent, free guides really helpful in understanding their children. I really do encourage everyone to try the guides out and tell your family and friends in Surrey about this really wonderful opportunity.

“We are really pleased to be working in partnership with Surrey County Council to make these high quality guides available for all families living in Surrey.”

Clare Curran, Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Children says: “These online guides are packed with insights into how children grow and develop as well as practical advice and have been helping families around the country cope with the challenges that life throws at all of us. I’d encourage all families in Surrey to take advantage of this great opportunity to access them for free.”

There are three guides to choose from:

  • Understanding Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby
  • Understanding Your Baby
  • Understanding Your Child 0-19 years.

There are between 9 and 11 modules in each guide as well as interactive activities, quizzes and video clips. Each module takes around 20 minutes.

The online guides were put together by the Solihull Approach, an accredited, evidence-based approach to childcare established 20 years ago by psychologists, health visitors and other health professionals.