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Due to current staff shortages, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s garden waste service is temporarily suspended until further notice

  • This is to allow the Council to focus on providing core collection services at this challenging time.
  • The Council apologises for this service interruption and thanks residents for their patience during this period.
  • As soon as the garden waste service resumes, the Council will update its dedicated webpage – – as well as its social media accounts.  Messages will also be shared with the local media.

“Thanks for the support!” say Epsom & Ewell Borough Council’s household waste collection team as householders tape appreciative messages to their bins.

Councillor Neil Dallen, Chairman of the Environment and Safe Communities Committee, said:

“These messages have provided our hard working staff with a real boost.

“The team are doing a fantastic job, safely keeping weekly household waste and recycling collections running for residents.

“This is being noticed and appreciated, and residents are getting creative to say ‘Thank You’.  The notes are being saved and displayed at our waste and recycling depot, ensuring that everyone can see them.”

Daily updates to the household waste and recycling service are available on the Borough Council’s website (

Surrey residents are being asked to help their local bin crews as they deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on waste and recycling collections.

Waste tonnages have already started to increase and while most services are currently operating as normal, they could be reduced if staff sickness increases because of the virus.

Residents can help in lots of ways including making sure their bin lids are able to firmly close, compacting recycling, only putting bins out when full, reducing waste as much as possible and not buying too much food.

Mike Goodman, Chairman of the Surrey Environment Partnership says: “As key workers, bin collection staff provide an essential public service and are continuing to work hard to maintain collections during this difficult time. Residents can help reduce the pressure on the service by taking a few simple actions.

“Also, as the county’s community recycling centres (CRCs) have been closed due to the pandemic we are asking residents to hold on to any waste they were planning to take to a CRC until they reopen.”

The advice on how residents can help is being regularly updated on the Surrey Environment Partnership website. The site also features public health guidance for people who are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus to explain what they should do with personal waste such as tissues and cleaning cloths. They should place these items into a rubbish bag placed inside another bag, tie it securely, keep it inside for 72 hours and then disposing of it in the usual way.

Below is the full list of ways residents can help their bin crew:

Help bin crews operate

  • Due to reduced traffic, usual collection times may change. Bins should be put out early and left out until they’ve been emptied.
  • Residents should be considerate when parking cars on a collection day to help ensure collection vehicles can access roads.
  • Bin lids should be firmly closed to help prevent crews unnecessarily touching them.
  • Residents should wash their hands before and after touching bins.
  • Waste should be compacted into bins as much as possible to maximise space and bins should only be put out when they are full.
  • Bin crews are working hard to keep this essential service going during this difficult time and their moral would be boosted if residents let them know they are appreciated with a wave or a smile.

Recycle right and reduce waste

  • The right items should be put in the right bins. The Surrey Recycles search tool can help residents find out what goes where. It can also be downloaded as an app – search for ‘Surrey Recycles’.
  • Waste should be reduced as much as possible. There are tips on how to reduce waste on the SEP website.
  • Residents should buy only what food they need and should freeze it if it can’t be eaten before the use by date. Leftovers should be used rather than thrown away. The SEP website features many leftovers recipes.
  • Start composting at home. Compost bins can be bought at a reduced rate or for those wanting to compost all their food waste, food waste digesters are also available.
  • Surrey’s community recycling centres (CRCs) are currently closed until further notice due to the Government’s decision to restrict all but non-essential movement. Residents should not put waste that may have taken to a CRC in household bins as it may overwhelm collection services. If having a clear-out while at home, hold on to waste as much as possible until normal service resumes.


  • While options for disposing of waste are reduced, residents should remember that fly-tipping is against the law and those convicted face fines of up to £50,000 or up to five years’ imprisonment as well as other potential penalties.

The latest information on how residents can help can be found on the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

Hi there,

In light of the recent government restrictions, plans to celebrate Surrey Day 2020 on Saturday May 2 with public events, activities and social gatherings have had to change.

Instead, Visit Surrey and our Surrey Day partners, BBC Surrey and Surrey Life magazine, are hoping to spread some positivity with a ‘virtual’ celebration instead.

During Surrey Day, we encourage you to turn to social media to:

  • Post about the places you’re most looking forward to revisiting once this is over;
  • Share your favourite photos of Surrey through the seasons;
  • And spread good news stories about people doing amazing things to help your local community.

Make sure to use the hashtag #SurreyDay and we will share as much positivity as possible! You’ll find us at @VisitSurrey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

From dawn to dusk on Surrey Day, BBC Radio Surrey will be using the airwaves to celebrate this amazing county, and Surrey Life magazine will still be dedicating its May issue to the people and places which make Surrey so great.

While you may not be able to experience Surrey in all its glory first hand at the moment, let’s light a virtual beacon of hope on Surrey Day so we can all look forward to getting out and about again for real soon.

Christine Howard – Chair of Visit Surrey

Sleep – it’s one of the most important ingredients for creating happy, healthy and thriving children. Unfortunately, many children simply don’t get enough of it.

The NHS guidelines state children aged four years old should have 11.5 hours a night, 11 hours when they are five and then reducing by roughly 15 minutes per year. Between the ages of 14 and 16 they should be getting at least nine hours a night.

Does your child get the recommended amount of sleep? If not, this may be affecting their ability to learn, cope with life, energy levels and general emotional and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, school holidays, clock changes, worries and lifestyles often conspire against healthy sleep patterns. So how can we help our children get the rest they need?

Children’s health and wellbeing charity the Sunflower Trust has put together some practical tips and advice to help:

Simple changes to the bedtime routine and bedroom environment can help to increase the amount of sleep your child gets. Here are some top tips for creating good sleep hygiene:

  • Keep screens out of bedrooms and stop screen usage an hour before bedtime.
  • Try some breathing exercises together as part of the bedtime routine.
  • Enjoy a story or a calm board or card game in the run-up to bedtime.
  • Set aside time to chat about their day before bed – for anxious children this can be a time to talk about worries, write them down and ‘put them away’ for the night. Finish this with some positive thoughts.
  • Try to keep bedtimes the same during school holidays/weekends as much as possible. Late nights can disrupt the sleep pattern for days.
  • Ensure the bedroom is tidy, cool and as dark and quiet as possible

It’s also important to be mindful of what food you offer your child as a bedtime snack – especially if they struggle to sleep. Foods that work well include:

  • Bananas – as they contain tryptophan, which helps induce sleep
  • Chicken or turkey also contain tryptophan
  • Oily fish – this contains B6 and essential fatty acids that will assist sleep
  • Foods that contain melatonin, including cherries, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, olives, grapes
  • Grains eg rice, rolled oats, barley
  • Nuts and seeds

If you would like to learn more about sleep and child health issues, or you feel your child needs support, contact the Sunflower Trust: 01483 531498. Email: [email protected], website:



Brooklands Museum WINS Surrey Business Tourist Attraction of the Year Award

BROOKLANDS Museum in Weybridge has been named ‘Tourist attraction of the year’ at the prestigious Surrey Business Awards 2019 for its unique visitor experience and community initiatives.

Presented by the award-winning broadcaster and comedian, Mark Dolan, the evening held at Epsom Downs Racecourse on 21st November recognised many start-up companies, charities and professional services for their work.

Alongside Brooklands Museum, other well-known venues across the county competed for the Tourist Attraction of the Year award, including Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Painshill Park, Cobham and the Silent Pool Gin Distillery in Albury.

Tamalie Newbury, Director and CEO of Brooklands Museum said:

“We are so very excited that we won this award! Our nomination covered every element of what we do that not only makes Brooklands Museum such a great place for visitors, but which also gives something back to many people in our community and inspires people to shape their futures through the stories we tell of what people accomplished here.

This is an award for our team, our volunteers and everyone else who helps and supports the Museum, it’s great that our efforts have been recognised. We have a lot planned over the next couple of years that will make Brooklands Museum an even more exciting place to visit, you should all come and see it for yourselves!”

Chairman of Brooklands Museum, Sir Gerry Acher said:

“I’m thrilled to hear that we have won the Surrey tourism award. I’d like to congratulate Tamalie, her team and our volunteers in making Brooklands such an outstanding place for all to visit. Well done all.”


The major transformations at the Museum in recent years have almost certainly contributed to this achievement. In 2017 the WWII hangar was relocated and re-interpreted on site as the Brooklands Aircraft Factory. This significant, large-scale exhibition space won the Museums and Heritage Award for best new permanent exhibition the following year.

As well as the vast collections of cars, motorcycles, aircraft and the dynamic events programme that runs throughout the year, there are opportunities to learn a variety of skills, join a 7,000-strong Volunteer force or participate in one of the many motoring events on site. Brooklands also welcomes families on the autism spectrum with special openings, hosts a reminiscence café for those affected by dementia and welcomes over 15,000 school children from in and around the County on organised trips.

Together with a refreshed brand and logo design complemented by a new introductory film and interpretation, the visitor experience has been invigorated. Brooklands was known for its pioneering sense of adventure and people returning to the Museum after a gap of some years are noticing the changes.

The Museum is open all year round and details of its work, collections, events and how to become involved in many opportunities can be found by visiting

Calling all Treasure Hunters and Alumni to help locate lost treasure and join royal bicentenary celebrations

Oxshott, Surrey, 01 October 2019 The Royal Kent School (RKS), Oxshott is appealing to the local community to help find alumni and locate a missing time capsule in preparation for the school’s official bicentenary in 2020.

On 16 October 2020, the Royal Kent School Oxshott (RKS) will commemorate the founding of the school over 200 years ago. The school was named ‘Royal Kent’ as it was set up under the Patronage of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, who lived in nearby Claremont and his sister, the Duchess of Kent and mother to the future Queen Victoria.

Unfortunately, there are no crown jewels buried in the school grounds, but RKS staff and pupils are searching for treasure of another sort. A lost Time Capsule, buried 50 years ago to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the school, has yet to be found. The school is appealing to the local community and businesses who may be able to provide information or even equipment to locate the time capsule and help with the search for alumni.

The original school was located on Oxshott High Street before moving to its current home in 1958. Visible reminders of the 1820 building include the roof turret bell still used to signal the start of the school day. The 1958 school hall remained untouched until Summer 2019 when it received a much-needed makeover thanks to a successful bid for Elmbridge Borough Council’s CIL funding and the school PTA. As part of the bicentenary festivities, RKS plan to create a mural for the hall and a ‘school museum’ so that pupils and visitors are transported back in time to get a glimpse of the school’s past. Historical artefacts include a copy of the rules for teachers from 1872 and 1915, school photos and a punishment book from the early 1900s. Any prospective teachers will be relieved to know that filling lamps, cleaning chimneys and bringing a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal are no longer part of everyday class duties!

RKS shares its bicentenary year with several famous Britons including Florence Nightingale, Anne Bronte, Herbert Spencer (Philosopher) and Anna Sewell (Author of Black Beauty). Anyone in the local community connected with these national treasures or celebrating their centenary in 2020, should contact the school to see how they be part of the celebrations.

This is an exciting milestone for the community to celebrate,” said Miss Katie Hancock, Headteacher. “The school would love to hear from Alumni and members of the public who can help with the search for the lost time capsule or even support our Raising Aspiration programme. This is an initiative where the local community are invited into the school to share their life experience with the children in readiness for life after RKS. For more information, please visit or contact the school office.


In April 2019, Children and Family Health Surrey launched a two-year outreach programme to improve the health of local Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities.

The project is the first NHS-led Surrey-wide GRT health initiative and is funded through Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership transformation funds.

Following the launch, the impact of the new service has proved extremely successful.

To date, 479 people have been seen, including:

  • 7 antenatal contacts
  • 7 new birth visits
  • 10 6-8 week reviews
  • 4 Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) developmental checks
  • 16 adults weighed
  • 23 adults given blood pressure checks
  • Referrals to a variety of partner services, including 6 GP referrals and numerous calls from GRT mothers which saved A&E attendances
  • 3 referrals to the continence service
  • 2 referrals for urgent dental treatment
  • Referrals for babies with severe tongue tie and developmental delay

Many other health issues were picked up during visits which included hypertension, domestic violence, sexual health, mental health, public health and environmental risks, safeguarding and poorly managed chronic illnesses.

The team is working with existing links within GRT communities as well as partnering with a range of health and other agencies such as Maternity services, the new Primary Care Networks, Children’s and Adults Social Services (including the Early Help Hub), Diabetes UK, Cancer support services, St. John Ambulance and others.

NHS staff and partner agencies across Surrey are now being offered Cultural Awareness Training to improve their engagement with GRT communities and to help reduce the inequalities the GRT communities face trying to access healthcare.

Lisa Gavin, 0-19 Homeless Health and Surrey Gypsy and Traveller Project Lead said: “We are privileged to have been welcomed by the GRT communities on sites, in their homes and at roadside encampments.

“We value the support from all our professional partners and are delighted by their commitment to help us redress the inequalities GRT communities face.”

Trudy Mills, Director of Children and Family Health Surrey and Strategy Lead for Women’s and Children, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership said:

“I’m delighted to share the success of the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) Health outreach programme since the launch in April, showing improved health outcomes for GRT communities in Surrey.

“Children and Family Health Surrey are proud to be providing the first Surrey-wide programme, promoting better engagement and understanding of the community’s needs and allowing easier access to routine healthcare.

“The team have worked hard to build trust and familiarity within the communities and also encourage links and key relationships where they already exist”.

Surrey has the fourth largest GRT population of any UK county with the GRT population estimated at around 10,000 – 12,000. Research continues to show life expectancy is lower for GRT people and their health needs are not fully met by traditional NHS services.

The children of St Paul’s Primary School in Thames Ditton worked together to win first place overall at the Esher District Sports competition held on 4 July 2019.

St. Paul’s took 1st Place in Field Events and 2nd Place in Track Events to win the Championship trophy for the overall competition beating ten other local schools. Congratulations to the students who individually achieved:

  • Year 3 girls: 1st Place long distance, 1st place sprint,
  • Year 4 girls: 1st place ball throw, 2nd place long distance
  • Year 3/4 girls 1st place relay team
  • Year 5 Girls: 1st place high jump, 3rd place ball throw
  • Year 5 Boys: 2nd place long jump, 3rd place ball throw
  • Year 6 Girls: 1st place ball throw, 2nd place long jump, 3rd place sprint
  • Year 5/6 Girls: 2nd place relay team
  • Year 6 Boys: 1st place sprint, 1st place long jump, 3rd place long distance

“They were both gracious in winning and magnanimous in defeat. They supported each other and often ran alongside those competing, cheering their team mates on,” commented one parent. Another parent noted that St. Paul’s was the only school to gather in a circle and in arms before competing.

Headteacher Mrs Olivia DeMorais said “I am phenomenally proud of the children and all they have achieved; their determination, resilience and supportive nature shines through in all they do. The sense of the strong community of St Paul’s is palpable at events such as these, and I am honoured to work with such wonderful pupils and parents”

Miss McDonald, Head of PE for St. Paul’s, said “I’ve enjoyed both supporting participation and providing opportunity for competition across all of the year groups. I’m working to ensure that sport is embedded in the life of the school.”

Huge congratulations to all the St. Paul’s pupils for their tremendous achievements and to all of the staff and parents who supported the event.