Lost Treasure!

Lost Treasure!

Calling all Treasure Hunters and Alumni to help locate lost treasure and join royal bicentenary celebrations

Oxshott, Surrey, 01 October 2019 The Royal Kent School (RKS), Oxshott is appealing to the local community to help find alumni and locate a missing time capsule in preparation for the school’s official bicentenary in 2020.

On 16 October 2020, the Royal Kent School Oxshott (RKS) will commemorate the founding of the school over 200 years ago. The school was named ‘Royal Kent’ as it was set up under the Patronage of Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg, who lived in nearby Claremont and his sister, the Duchess of Kent and mother to the future Queen Victoria.

Unfortunately, there are no crown jewels buried in the school grounds, but RKS staff and pupils are searching for treasure of another sort. A lost Time Capsule, buried 50 years ago to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the school, has yet to be found. The school is appealing to the local community and businesses who may be able to provide information or even equipment to locate the time capsule and help with the search for alumni.

The original school was located on Oxshott High Street before moving to its current home in 1958. Visible reminders of the 1820 building include the roof turret bell still used to signal the start of the school day. The 1958 school hall remained untouched until Summer 2019 when it received a much-needed makeover thanks to a successful bid for Elmbridge Borough Council’s CIL funding and the school PTA. As part of the bicentenary festivities, RKS plan to create a mural for the hall and a ‘school museum’ so that pupils and visitors are transported back in time to get a glimpse of the school’s past. Historical artefacts include a copy of the rules for teachers from 1872 and 1915, school photos and a punishment book from the early 1900s. Any prospective teachers will be relieved to know that filling lamps, cleaning chimneys and bringing a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal are no longer part of everyday class duties!

RKS shares its bicentenary year with several famous Britons including Florence Nightingale, Anne Bronte, Herbert Spencer (Philosopher) and Anna Sewell (Author of Black Beauty). Anyone in the local community connected with these national treasures or celebrating their centenary in 2020, should contact the school to see how they be part of the celebrations.

This is an exciting milestone for the community to celebrate,” said Miss Katie Hancock, Headteacher. “The school would love to hear from Alumni and members of the public who can help with the search for the lost time capsule or even support our Raising Aspiration programme. This is an initiative where the local community are invited into the school to share their life experience with the children in readiness for life after RKS. For more information, please visit royal-kent.surrey.sch.uk or contact the school office.