Special Needs Parents launch trendy tube feeding clothing brand “Tubie Kids”

Special Needs Parents launch trendy tube feeding clothing brand “Tubie Kids”

In 2010, Zayne & the family were blessed with a beautiful and very special baby girl who was born with very complex respiratory and gastro medical issues making her number 7 in the world with her rare genetic condition called “Duplication 22q12q13”.

Little did they know that the tiniest things we normally take for granted in life such as eating orally and swallowing saliva was actually life threatening for their baby girl.

After spending months on end at Great Ormand Street Hospital and undergoing treatments and investigations, a year on, the family proudly started a new journey and became tubie parents. This meant that their daughter Karma had to be fed via a tube that was surgically placed directly in to her stomach.

Finding fashionable tube friendly clothing was proving to be pretty difficult.  At feeding times, the family would have to fully undress her to get to Karma’s feeding tube.

Their solution at the time was to cut holes in her clothing to access her feeding button or thread the feeding tube through bodysuit popper openings. This worked for a while until she started to outgrow the traditional baby onesies available in the high street shops.

The clothing situation as a whole was not ideal especially when “out and about” in cold weather with respiratory issues. Let alone from a dignity point of view!

Zayne, Karma’s mum, stated that “Our children become fashion conscious and like to look and be the same as other children. Colours and style is a way of saying who they are without having to speak”.

Karma is non verbal, has a bubbly and cheeky personality and they wanted tube friendly clothing that reflected that. This inspired the family and the brand “Tubie Kids” was born in April 2018.

Their  fashion line is fresh, vibrant, full of colours and personality which the market lacked.

The adaptations in designs are so discreet you would not even tell the difference. This allows tube fed children, also refered to as tubie kids to be kids in their own right and express their own personalities through colours and designs without having to compromise dignity, comfort or functionality of the garments.

Their sizes currently start from 3 yrs to 12 yrs old. However, they will introduce larger sizes in the future if they receive requests for them.

Zayne pointed out that “All the items are sensory friendly”. They have been designed to incorporate flat seams and no labels throughout. The fabrics used are soft to feel and 100% high quality cotton for long lasting durability. They have also selected dual sizing so the children don’t outgrow them fast.

Leanne (a Tubie kids customer) said “ The quality and design are flawless, so glad I stumbled across their facebook  page by complete accident they are exactly what we’ve needed for a long time”

Nicola (another Tubie Kids customer) stated “I’m absolutely in love with these new tubefeeding t shirts! They are very well made and of very high quality material. I love the fact that they actually look like a t shirt, they have another hidden vest underneath with a large hole to access the peg/button. Highly recommended them!”

 Prices range from £14.50 to £16.50 and can be purchased from their online store www.tubiekids.co.uk

For more info:

Contact Zayne on [email protected] or via their fb page @tubiekids