Parents and schools sign up for global movement to learn outdoors

Parents and schools sign up for global movement to learn outdoors

Up to half a million children to learn outside on Outdoor Classroom Day on May 18th 2017

 School children across the UK will join thousands of other schools all over the world to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day- a global initiative that encourages teachers to take lessons outside.

Outdoor Classroom Day will be celebrated across the world in as many as 52 countries on May 18th 2017, with the aim of getting over half a million children learning and playing outside of their classroom.

The initiative is being led globally by Project Dirt with the help of the charity Learning through Landscapes, that will lead the campaign in the UK & ROI.

If you’re a parent, you can sign up – and communicate the importance of outdoor learning directly to your child’s school with downloadable letters and posters and tips on how to support them. This year’s campaign aims to deliver the message to more schools, more children and more communities than ever before, with a record number of lessons being taught on the day in various countries around the world.

Outdoor Classroom Day, now an annual event, is designed to raise awareness of the fact that the outdoors is not just good for health and wellbeing, it also has strong links to improved attention and concentration, increased productivity and learning, better behaviour, and more positive teacher/pupil relationships.

Juno Hollyhock, Chief Executive at Learning through Landscapes explains, “The real aim of Outdoor Classroom Day is to inspire the world by letting children and teachers experience the true benefits of outdoor learning and play. No matter where you are in the world, learning outdoors will help children focus, it will boost their creativity and enhance their imagination -and it’s also more fun! Whether its maths, music, science, art, drama or a language- being outdoors makes lessons truly memorable- and adds to the enjoyment of childhood.”

To inspire schools to participate, organisers of Outdoor Classroom Day have made a vast number of free materials and resources available, to encourage teachers and schools in various ways. Put together by industry professionals, working together for the first time to promote this initiative, these resources will inspire, encourage and provide a safe and supportive framework for schools to teach outside.

Parents, teachers and schools can get involved simply by going online and signing up on the Outdoor Classroom Day website, where they can access everything they need. Whether its outdoor lesson ideas, resources to encourage others to get involved, or guidance on making outdoor learning and play part of everyday life in their school.

Everything parents and teachers need can be found at: