Living in Harry’s World

Living in Harry’s World

This is a fictional book about a father looking after an autistic boy, called Harry.  The book is entitled ‘Living In Harry’s World’.

This book is self-published and available from well known book shops and online.

The author, Denis Deasy, is rightly very proud of this book, which took a few years to write.  It is about Harry who is a twelve-year-old autistic boy, who also has ADHD. His father, David, has sole custody of Harry. David’s ex-wife, Laura, had a breakdown due to the stress of bringing up Harry. David takes time off to spend some time with his son, but struggles to cope with Harry’s behaviour. To add to their anxiety Harry will be singing at the Royal Festival Hall as part of a special needs group, even though he hates singing and people clapping too loud. Will he be able to hold it together in front an audience of two and a half thousand?

One reviewer says ‘Sometimes the world can be a very intolerant place. The way each person looks at the world and the different people in it, can vary from one extreme to the other. It may be that we just don’t know that much about the various mental and physical disabilities out there or perhaps in our busy lives we haven’t the time to consider that not every illness can be seen from the outside. This book should be read by everyone. It’s a masterpiece of honesty and warmth that reminds us that yes, we are all different but also that everyone deserves the same respect and understanding that we would like for ourselves. A fantastic read. Just brilliant’.

If this is a subject that may interest you, this book could be one to read.