Festive Fun Without The Tooth Decay

Festive Fun Without The Tooth Decay

Christmas time can really take a toll on your children’s teeth. Although you want your child to enjoy the full Christmas experience, you should still be aware of what overindulgence might be doing to their teeth. Here are a few dentist-approved tricks you can use to ensure a Merry Christmas for you, your child and their teeth.

 Offer An Alternative

 It may be Christmas time and sure enough, that does entitle your child to gorge on delicious treats they received from Santa for being good all year. However, one thing you don’t want your child to get for Christmas is tooth decay. Offer your child an alternative to the sweet stuff and you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday knowing that your child’s teeth aren’t going to suffer.

 Instead of filling stockings with Santa-shaped chocolates and excessively long tubes of sweets, include a packet of mixed nuts; it’s seasonal but without the added tooth decay.

 Drink Water Throughout The Day

 Water is the easiest way to lift and wash away any debris that might be lingering in your child’s mouth. Instead of giving your child the option of sweet fizzy drinks and fruit juices throughout the day, pour them a glass of water. Considering the amount of sugar they would be eating over the Christmas holidays, there is no need to include fizzy drinks into their diet too.

 Set A Treat Time

 If sugar lingers in the mouth for a prolonged period of time, teeth are left vulnerable to cavities. However, much of the risk can be mitigated by eating sweets as a designated time only, rather than throughout the day. The best time would be after the Christmas feast when the production of saliva is increased in the mouth due to eating. This can help to neutralise any acid caused by bacteria, as well as washing away food debris.

 Don’t Forget To Brush

 As you and your children are on holiday, it is easy to let the normal household routine fall by the wayside. But it is vital that the whole family brushes for two minutes twice a day: morning and evening — even at Christmas! Make sure that your children brush their teeth before bed, as if it were any other night of the week. If not, you might have to make an appointment with the dentist in the New Year.

 About The Author

Dr. Chig Amin is the owner and principal dentist of the Epsom Dental Centre. Dr. Amin practises gentle dentistry and ensures that all of his patients receive the dental care that best meets their needs.