Drive SMART – mobile phone campaign

Drive SMART – mobile phone campaign

Distraction kills – switch off your phone when driving.

That’s the message from the latest Drive SMART campaign, focusing on mobile phones.

Using a mobile phone when driving is not only dangerous but it is illegal. A driver’s reaction times are up to 50% slower and you are more likely to drift across lanes and crash if you are using your phone at the wheel.

But it’s not just texting or making and answering calls. Following research carried out by Drive SMART in 2011 and findings from THINK (Department for Transport’s road safety campaign), some drivers have even admitted updating their Facebook profile whilst driving on the motorway. The truth is whatever drivers do with their phones whilst driving, it is illegal, and the risks greatly outweigh the convenience of making that call to the boss or sending a quick text to your friends.

Mobile phones and driving – the facts

If you use your mobile phone number when driving:

  • You are four times more likely to crash.
  • Your judgement of speed and distance from other vehicles is impaired.
  • You could be prosecuted for using a hands-free phone if you are not in proper control of your vehicle, and the penalties are the same!
  • Even if you are stopped in traffic lights or queuing in traffic the law still applies.

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