Hope House Babies Home, Nairobi, Kenya

Hope House Babies Home, Nairobi, Kenya

Hope House Babies Home is a home for abandoned babies in Nairobi, Kenya. It was opened in 2002 and since then has cared for over 300 babies.

Babies are admitted to Hope House between newborn and six months of age. They have often been found in dreadful situations, such as a plastic bag, pit latrine or market stall. Babies who have been given up for adoption are also admitted. The babies are cared for very well at Hope House and given as much of a family upbringing as possible.  Hope House acts as a ‘halfway house’ as babies are then placed into loving families via the legal adoption process.

We are always looking for support, as we rely entirely on donations in order to give these babies a bright future. For just £60 a year, you can take part in our ‘Adopt-a-cot’ programme and receive updates and photos of the baby in your cot every three months.

If you would like to volunteer at Hope House or for more information, please contact Alice Watson [email protected]

or visit our facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/hopehouse.babieshome?fref=ts


A word from the editor of the Family Grapevine

Any help for Hope House will be very much valued.  There are so many worthwhile organisations that would benefit greatly from even a small donation, but it happens that this one is very dear to my heart and I hope this information goes at least a small way towards helping to raise awareness.  Thank you, Genevieve