Mental Health Matters – The Kids are Back at School, so It’s the Perfect time to Prioritise Self Care

Optimise Mental Health for You and your Family

You’ve been holding everything together? You’re feeling anxious? There’s lots of pressure on you? You’re worried about the future? You’re concerned about how to support and optimise your children’s mental health?

Now the kids are back at school, it’s the perfect time to give yourself and your family the time and care to help ensure your family not only ‘walks forward’ together, but ‘strides forward together’ – out of the pandemic and into positivity and optimal mental health.

The pandemic has created a host of mental health and other issues, but parents can use proven techniques to create calmer, happier, healthier homes and families. Families asked over and again for affordable, accessible help to support themselves and their children, so has responded with a £300 programme for £10. Why?

Sobering Statistics

The Office for National Statistics shows that mental health issues worsened across all age groups in 2020, and the number of adults showing symptoms of depression has almost doubled since the pandemic began. People also generally feel that lives were made worse by lockdown. Coronavirus has fuelled feelings of helplessness, anxiety and fear of the future for many families, and the impact on mental health services has been significant.

Key worries relate to finances, better access to care and key relationships changing or being impacted. The dynamics of life remain very different, but there is so much parents can do to promote bounce-back-ability in the family. We can help ourselves and our kids feel happier, more secure, more joyful and increasingly settled.

Help your Family Stride Into Life!

Dani Simpson BSc, Founder of, healing minister and Activator for the Great Outdoor Gym Company, has worked in the pastoral care charity sector for almost 2 decades.  Having witnessed first-hand the stress parents, families and children are under she has written a book ‘Stride Out of Your Stuck Place’ and produced a series of 9 webinars and workbooks to help families ‘THINK WELL, FEEL WELL and LIVE WELL in the current season we find ourselves in.

Mum of 3, Dani explains how Stride Into Life is impacting the nation and releasing the pressure on parents and their children.

“When parents can affordably access the self-care tools and techniques, they need to increase positivity and self-care at home, we all come together to turn the tide on the statistics created by covid-19” explains Dani.









Society thrives when communities are happier and healthier; we really do have a choice in how we think, feel and act.

Our thoughts quite literally dictate our emotions which dictate our actions so my simple program consists of 3 easy steps to change your thinking, 3 steps to change how you feel and react to life, and 3 steps to live better every day”.

“So often as parents, we have all the ‘information’ needed to enhance the health and happiness of our families, but the ‘application’ of the information presents a challenge. This is partly because of something called ‘the generation effect’.

When information is generated for us, and we simply read or hear it, and can find it difficult to embed it into the mind, but when we process information ourselves (generating our own notes in engaging ways), we retain what we have learned and so find it much easier to action. For this reason my 9 short webinars have interactive workbooks alongside to help parents deeply process and embed what they are learning”.

You are an Overcomer!

Dani’s moving personal story has seen her personally overcome chronic disease, fatigue, depression and trauma so her approach to help others do the same is increasingly gaining global exposure and impacting the lives of families here and across the pond.

“Using these things – the power of positivity, emotional intelligence, braver conversations, healthier relationships, joy and gratitude – science proves we can say no to both inner dis-ease and also disease, even reversing heart disease.”

We can Learn how to Deal with Stress and choose Joy

With this in mind, Dani partnered with The Great Outdoor Gym Company and Marks and Spencer Sparks this year to make her courses and information accessible and affordable to families everywhere.


As every action starts with a thought the Stride into Life 9-step program starts with THINK WELL. It’s the foundation to help you and your family then complete steps 2 and 3 FEEL WELL and LIVE WELL.

“I want to show every parent how to access and redress the feelings keeping you and your family stuck, clear your elephants in the room, have braver conversations, create a happier home and workplace environment, optimise health and more generally bring life back into alignment”.

Reclaim your ‘Self’

The starting point of wellness is to discover if you are thinking and living as your authentic self or if you are living a projected version of yourself – especially if you find are now living as a ‘you’ that has had to ‘cope’ rather than ‘thrive’. It’s easy to lose our ‘self’ in the name of protecting others but it’s important that parents claim, reclaim and protect our authentic self.

‘Modelling’ is key – we must demonstrate daily how to be authentic, and help our children do the same. If children know they don’t have to accept ‘sticky labels’ e.g. the shy one, the bossy one, the easy one, the loud one, they can naturally live as their authentic self and learn to question who they really are, and fulfil their own destiny not one projected onto them that doesn’t ‘fit’. I’ll expand on this next month.

Stride Into Life helps families find a dynamic and positive new normal, and equips them to shift negative atmospheres

What are you thinking! The power of words on our health.

Families benefit hugely from discovering the family sayings, words and phrases they use that are self-limiting and unhelpful for wellbeing. Bad things come in threes – really? Lets cultivate a more positive way of thinking and speaking to energise our families and enhance our relationships.

Saying yes, saying no. The flex appeal of healthier boundaries.

Whether in the workplace or at home, our values and boundaries impact your energy levels? Rediscover how to audit and instil healthier boundaries to protect the things and people you love.

I have a Gut Feeling About It.

Go on a deep dive to hear what your mind, heart and gut are telling you. Gently access the feelings, fears and anxieties that are challenging you and your family, confront them and find healthy solutions to work through them.

Keeping it Real. Brave Conversations. 

So often as parents we need to confront those around us with care and love. Science proves that as stress levels increase, empathy levels decrease but we can learn techniques to speak our truth with love in healthy and empowering ways. Move from the superficial to the meaningful and productive.

Grounded in Love not Fear. Laying Down the Payoffs.

When we’re stressed, anxious or pressurised its tempting to ‘conceal the truth’ about unhealthy behaviours – in lockdown, for many parents this has included increased drinking and weight gain.  Embrace honesty, let go of unhealthy payoffs that give short term pleasure. Enhance long term joy instead and learn dynamic tools to say no to feeling of dis-ease and disease.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Developing our True Potential.

Grow your emotional intelligence and ability to help yourself and your kids recognise, understand, manage and express emotions better. Unlike IQ, which we are born with, it’s never too late to develop emotional intelligence and relational skills.

To Know and Be Known. Healthier Relationships. 

Are your key relationships fulfilling? Do you have the support you need around you? Would you like to be able to relate and communicate in more meaningful and powerful ways? Discover the superpowers of vulnerability, friendship and community for optimal wellbeing and choose who has a seat at your table of wellbeing.

Sparking Joy. The Power of Thanks and Gratitude. 

The transformational power of thanks. Learn the scientifically-proven benefits of laughter and journaling for you and your family, then practice the techniques to decrease stress, manage blood pressure, ease digestive disorders, stave off depression and release natural pain killers to elevate mood. Find wholeness through happiness for you and your family.

In a nutshell we parents can choose to:


  • Choose to use words and phrases that create energy, positivity and productivity in and around you
  • Instil healthier boundaries
  • Access and face feelings that are keeping you and your family stuck in negativity
  • Move from superficial speech into meaningful, powerful conversations
  • Learn empowering ways to speak truth lovingly
  • Clear elephants in the room
  • Grow your emotional intelligence and relational skills
  • Reshape your neural pathways towards joy and love
  • Develop the life skills of empathy and resilience
  • Evaluate important relationships
  • Encourage the family to use the superpower of vulnerability
  • Reap the scientific benefits of joy and gratitude at home
  • Dynamically transform your family and work life
  • Build new neural pathways and ‘go to’ ways of healthier thinking
  • Dynamic workbooks support you with the ‘application of the information’

My vision for our nation is to help families transform their thinking, connect better and more easily capture common unhelpful phrases, sayings and behaviours that breed negativity and low mood, and replace them with positivity and love. We’re in this together and so parents let’s support each other and our children by choosing to Stride into Life – because life is a beautiful thing.

How can You and your Family take Part?

Put the kettle on, click this link and take some time to love yourself – you deserve it – and dynamically transform your family for the better.

Much love, Dani Simpson x

Next month, I’ll will be sharing the importance of helping us and our children claim our ‘authentic self’ and peel off the ‘sticky labels’ projected onto us for optimal wellbeing.