Hello products launch in Superdrug UK – A Review

I am the perfect person to try the new @helloproducts_uk whitening toothpaste, not because I am good at taking before and after photos, but because I have a veneer on one of my front teeth which was colour-matched to my other teeth when I was much younger and hadn’t drunk quite so much black coffee and red wine…
After just a week of using the epic whitening toothpaste there is already less of a difference between my lovely white veneer and my real teeth – which is definitely something to smile about.

We took the whitening toothpaste tablets on holiday with us, as the fewer products that can leak in your washbag the better, and the solid toothpaste tablets are brilliant for travelling. The tin is light, robust and has a screw top, so it is completely mess and plastic free. When you’ve used up all 60 tablets you can recycle the whole thing, or repurpose it. Just don’t do what my husband did the first time he tried one and eat it like a mint – yes they are very tasty and minty, but you aren’t supposed to eat them…

Products available from Superdrug (currently at a special introductory price) & Amazon

Elizabeth Wickenden

Director – Grapevine Media Group Ltd


The Official Blurb

meet your new squeeze in oral care
we’re so happy to meet you. hello® products are a new kind of
naturally friendly™ oral care, specifically formulated using
thoughtful and effective ingredients for enthusiastic brushers and
our toothpastes, toothpaste tablets, mouthwash and toothbrush
(with a plant-based handle) launched in Superdrug and
Amazon on 6th october.
we like to keep things naturally friendly™, think delicious, natural
flavours, and responsibly sourced ingredients and materials like
sustainable bamboo and FSC certified cartons printed with soy-based ink. all hello® products are vegan and have no artificial
flavours, no artificial sweeteners, no colourants, no SLS/sulfates
and no peroxide, and bonus, we’re leaping bunny certified.
we think it’s time personal care was, well, personal. relevant.
beautiful. delicious. friendly and as natural as we can make it.

see you at the basin.