Theatre in the Park: The Green Knight

09 August 2022

from 12:00 pm until 2:30 pm

A raucous tale based on the Arthurian legend!
Join the young Gawain as he journeys across ancient Britain, in search of the greatest sword-master of all time, Sir Bredbeddle, The Green Knight.

A rip-roaring story about how we learn from one another and the bonds we forge when we work together and never give up.

The Wild Geese have over 15 years of experience creating active and immersive theatre for children. With accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do, this epic tale incorporates interactive storytelling techniques that brings children into the world of the play. We put our audience at the centre of the action; they are not just watching a play, they are in one.

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Yvonne Arnoud