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Summer Camp Countdown

Summer Camp Countdown

Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Super Camps should be pleased by the huge growth in the number of children’s activity providers over the past few years.

Whilst choosing what to do in the holidays used to be relatively simple, there are now hundreds of companies promising ultimate this and ultimate that in children’s holiday fun.

What children’s activity providers should be telling you is whether their camps have received OFSTED’s blessing. All Super Camps centres assessed last summer scored “Good”.

Are fun activities like quad biking, swimming or archery included in the price? At Super Camps these special treats come at no extra charge.

And check out the toys we provide your children will play with. Only Super Camps is able to provide big-brand satisfaction thanks to tie-ups with companies like LEGO®. No wonder that when it comes to a global assurance rating, Super Camps ranks up there with success stories like Apple.

Founded in 1996 at a single school near Oxford, Super Camps now puts on high value, top quality children’s activities at 80 venues across England, including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

So do visit the website if you want your children to progress this summer. We won’t make any ultimate promises, but we do guarantee to help them learn new skills and meet new friends. Stick with the original, stay with the best – Super Camps.

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