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Tru Beginnings Exhibition, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham

Tru Beginnings Exhibition, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham

TRU BEGINNINGS is an exhibition of up and coming 2nd year Three Dimensional Design BA(Hons) students from The University of the Creative Arts Farnham, showcasing ceramics, glass, metalwork and jewellery. Tru beginnings is based on a common connection of discovering the love of their chosen material from early childhood and pre-teenage years. The show features work from:

Anna Pegg who takes inspiration from nature and pattern to create forged and cast pieces of metalwork that are reminiscent of Art Nouveau.

Craig Richardson who creates ceramic pieces influenced by his love of order and balance of repetitive patterns.

Emelye Tailford who creates sculptural glass art, through casting processes and glass blowing. Her work portrays a sense of playfulness and experimentation.

Georgia Downey who works mainly with blown glass and cold working techniques to create sculptural, yet functional glass pieces. She explores irregular organic forms as an influence for the shape and structure of her work.

Kanako Mizojiri who explores her interests in the abstract, making organic shape sculptures that are each built up of many different wheel-thrown sections. These sections are joined together to make gentle rhythmic patterns that represent the current of waves, colour and light from her childhood memories of floating in the sea.

Sammy Kitching who takes inspiration from fashion and bright colours, to create a loud impression with her work and on to the people that view it. She enjoys traditional techniques and simple ideas that can trigger inspirations in to creating something unique yet memorable.… and Sheryl Vaughan who explores the field of colourful cast glass by constructing new forms from objects that evoke memories from shared moments with her family.

The Private Viewing is being held on Friday 4th April at 7pm and will be jointly opened by the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Jeremy Ricketts and the newly appointed Bob Pulley, UCA’s Head of School for Craft and Design.

To be held at:

The Garden Gallery

The Museum of Farnham

38 West Street




5th – 6th April 2014

10am – 6pm

Items of work will be on sale and refreshments will be available.

Access to the gallery will be through the garden side gate when the museum is closed.

Contact details:

Tel: 07979336766

Email: [email protected]