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Guildford Design Awards and Photographic Competition 2013

Guildford Design Awards and Photographic Competition 2013

The search has begun for the best new designed buildings and spaces within the borough of Guildford.

Great design is all around us in buildings, parks, streetscape, public art, landscape, conservation and village greens.

The Guildford Design Awards celebrate well designed, innovative architectural and environmental projects that contribute to the quality and sustainability of our surroundings. This year, we are also running a separate photographic competition of favourite places or spaces within the borough.

Guildford Borough Council would like to thank Linden Homes who are sponsoring our Guildford Design Awards and photographic competition.

The awards are open to anyone including architects, house builders, developers, contractors, schools, voluntary associations, and homeowners or the designer themselves who have contributed to a scheme within the Guildford borough.

There are no entry categories and each project will be judged on its individual merits, therefore the size and/or budget of a scheme does not matter.

The types of design which can be entered include, but is not restricted to:

  • new buildings – residential, commercial, community, educational, health, infrastructure or industrial
  • alterations to existing buildings – including extensions, refurbishment, repairs, conversions or restoration of a building that has been brought back to life
  • public and private open spaces – including parks, gardens, pedestrian or play/recreational areas that are of great design and that contribute to the character of the surrounding area

Entries must relate to a site within the borough of Guildford, although the entrant may be located outside of the borough. Projects must be completed between June 2011 and Friday 7 June 2013.  To enter and for further information please see

Photographic competition – my favourite place or space in the borough.

This competition is designed to encourage people to explore their physical environment and take a photograph of their favourite place or space within the borough. This category is open to all ages. When submitting your entry please indicate your age group; under 13s, 13 – 18 and 19 – 25 and over 25. The judges will take into account the age of contributors. The awards are free to enter and anyone can submit an entry.

Photographs are to be no larger than A4 in size and can be in colour or black and white. If you are submitting a hard copy please write your name, address and entry details on the reverse of the photograph.

Please include:

  • a photograph of your favourite place or space, in colour or black and white, no larger than A4 in size (the photograph is non-returnable)
  • a brief written description of the place or space, including the location and why the place or space is special to you
  • your name, age and contact details.
  • name of school, college or group if appropriate.

Deadline for entries is Friday 7th June. To enter and for further information please see


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