GP launches CBD infused lifestyle & wellness brand; perfect for those winter months


  • Dr K CBD is an ethical CBD company based in London. The company was born from Dr K’s experience working as a GP in the health sector


  • Dr K saw a confused marketplace selling poor quality information and products to consumers, and set up DR K CBD as a way to reconcile the market and bring a GP’s unique perspective & approach


  • The brand is focussed on well-being over consumerism and prides itself on treating consumers as patients


  • The brand is dedicated to busting myths associated with the use of CBD oils and aims to educate patients on a holistic lifestyle change as opposed to short term fixes


  • The brand advise that when CBD oils are used as part of a healthy lifestyle, the products can have a multitude of benefits for sufferers of chronic pain illnesses, age-related conditions and even performance sports athletes


  • Equally Dr K CBD promotes more balanced viewpoints on over-exaggerated claims or treatments and cures. It actively  promotes conventional healthcare where appropriate and safer.


  • DR K CBD is 85% active CBD as opposed to 40-60% in the rest of the market, and is also 100% THC free


  • Nano Emulsification in the products increases absorption by as much as 5x


  • All the products are 100% organic, are sustainably sourced and go through rigorous testing at an independent lab


  • Current products available include Natural Golden Standard Oils which come in a range of flavours, Nano Emulsified Face Creams (100mg) and Nano Emulsified Hand Creams (100mg), Nano Emulsified Magic Balm (50mg), Nano-emulsified Joint Relief Balm (300mg) and Nano Emulsified Heating Muscle Rub (100mg).


Introducing Dr K CBD, a holistic well-being company based in London. The company was set up in 2020, by Manish Patel and Ruch Karunadasa and was born from Ruch’s experience as a GP, having observed a poorly regulated & confused CBD market. The company envisaged a more transparent market where the benefits of CBD products could be better understood.


The core values of the company are based around respect, product quality and wellness. Dr K believes that the mind and body are intrinsically linked, and that when used properly, CBD oils can have a multitude of benefits which may increase quality of life for many people. Dr K advises that their CBD products could help those suffering with sleep disorders as well as those living with chronic pain diseases. Dr K’s CBD products may even benefit performance sports athletes who often suffer with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOM’s), allowing them to recover quicker and subsequently reach their goals more easily.


Dr K is keen to stress that CBD oils do not cure or eradicate long-term health conditions and should not be used as an alternative to prescribed medication. Instead, the company advises that using Dr K CBD infused products may go some way in alleviating some of the symptoms associated with chronic health conditions, such as stiffness and sore joints.


The company knows that there is much white noise and confusing information for consumers to contend with in the market place – so, to ensure that consumers understand how the products work & what benefits might be associated with regular use, Dr K’s approach their consumer relationships in the same way that a doctor would treat a patient, advising on key lifestyle changes and tapping into Ruch’s background as a GP where applicable.


Dr K has spent close to 13yr managing day to day ill health in the NHS and with corporate workers in the city. In 2018 40% of GP consultations had a mental health component and the evidence suggests that is even more now. Over the years it has become obvious to Dr K that a huge amount of both physical and mental health issues are stemming from poor lifestyles. The way we live is a world away from what our bodies were designed to do, which fundamentally was hunting and gathering.


The company says:

“The western world places burdens on the balance of individuals wellbeing in a way that has crept up over the decades and is unprecedented. Everything from the breakdown of local communities to the obvious onslaught of  the 24hr world of social media. These all take a toll on both our physical and mental wellbeing. With little or no messaging about managing this imbalance beyond a flimsy concept of “work-life balance”.


We at Dr K CBD are using CBD as a tool to create a conversation about health and wellbeing. This goes beyond the concept that CBD is a magic cure.


For a tree to grow , it needs supportive roots we aim to help individuals understand the importance of those and develop those fundamentals. The CBD is just a fertiliser to help in that process.”


The quality of Dr K CBD is another USP for the brand, with products containing 85% active CBD, as opposed to 40-60% in the rest of the market. All Dr K CBD products are also 100% THC free, and absorption of the products is increased by 5x by Nano Emulsification in all of the creams and rubs.


The products are all 100% organic, having been cultivated from Hemp plants without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The company is also committed to sourcing the best product using sustainable farming practices. All Dr K CBD products are put through rigorous testing at an independent ISO accredited testing laboratory to ensure the final products are pure and toxin free.


Current products available in the Dr K range include the Natural Golden Standard Oils (24.99) which also comes in Lemon and Peppermint flavouring, the Nano Emulsified Face Cream (19.99/00mg), a Nano Emulsified Hand Cream (19.99/100mg), the Nano Emulsified Magic Balm (9.99/50mg), the Nano-emulsified Joint Relief Balm (29.99/300mg) and the Nano Emulsified Heating Muscle Rub (24.99/100mg).


Products are available to purchase separately or as part of a bundle, such as:


  • The Magic Skin Bundle (51.00) which includes the Nano Emulsified Hand Cream, The Nano Emulsified Joint Relief Balm and the Magic Balm
  • The Active Bundle (80.97) which includes the Nano Emulsified Joint Relief Balm, the Nano Emulsified Hand Cream and the Gold Standard Natural Oil
  • The Magic Active Bundle (58.47) which includes the Nano Emulsified Joint Relief Balm, the Nano Emulsified Heating Muscle Rub and the Magic Balm


All Dr K CBD products are fully regulated and are available to purchase on the company website