Getting rid of negative words and phrases

Hi I’m Dani, Founder of and through challenging circumstances I realised we can choose to reduce the feelings of overwhelm, stress, dis-ease, anxiety and fear in in our lives. No matter what your circumstances, you really can experience the joy and freedom of living your life to the full.

A good thought life prevents brain damage and positively impacts our all-round health.  So, give yourself some time as I guide you through techniques to transform your mind. This month we’re going to catch our little foxes – the negative thoughts and phrases that can often go unnoticed but which drain and disempower us. Enjoy this free exercise – you can find the fuller version here.

Let’s have a happy 2022!

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Words are a creative force that shape our environment and who we become. Every word starts with a thought, so we need to get our thinking right!

Work through these examples and add your own – imagining the negative sayings as being like a ‘toxic drink’ and using the positive phrases as having an ‘energy drink’.

Once you have finished this activation, take 3 long slow deep breaths and imagine yourself pouring away the ‘toxic drink’. Over time, if you choose to catch and stop saying the negative phrases in your life (and even better replace them with positive ones) you’ll create new neural pathways and will begin to feel more positive, hopeful and energised.

Return to this exercise regularly as you notice more phrases cropping up in the coming days and months. Happy 2022!

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Make 2022, the year of a happier healthier you!