Happyjacks Tumblers
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Business Name : Happyjacks Tumblers

Short Description :

Fun pre-school gymnastics based movement classes for children from 6 months – 4 years in Eastbourne.

Long Description :

HappyJacks Tumblers lets your child enjoy music, explore, climb, roll, balance and develop skills as they play. Each class will provide social, physical, creative and emotional awareness and provide the opportunity to help with your child’s A,B,C’s. (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination).
Baby Tumblers – parents and children spend quality time together working on interactive play, basic movement of limbs and baby socialisation. This class includes stretching to music, nursery rhymes, parents using hand equipment with their child such as scarves, small toys etc followed by free play around the equipment that encourage sitting, crawling and cruising.
Monkey Tumblers – Once your child is up and walking very confidently they are ready to join this class. This class again with parental involvement, will help your little one to develop strength, co-ordination, confidence and imagination through action songs, a more structured time on the equipment encouraging crawling, jumping, balancing etc and group time using scarves, balloons, tap sticks, ribbons or quoits etc.

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07738 381384

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