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Family Fun

Awesome Family Visit at Tulley’s Escape Rooms

We had so much fun at Tulley's Escape Rooms with the family recently. We loved it and so did our teens and a great way to get them to leave the cosyness of their rooms!

We chose The OutFitters room as our first escape room experience, so clever and well set up. We didn't see the time pass as we were so busy trying to solve the clues with some litte help from our fabulous host, Mi, who at times would give us a little clue! We managed to complete it at 67%, so we have set the challenge to come back to finishing it ;-)

Tulley's Escape Rooms offers 5 escape rooms with different difficulty levels and experiences - brainy, physical, scary and all super fun!
The 5 rooms can accommodate up to 8 people, so a great way to share the fun with another family or a group of friends for a special occasion!

Top tip: if you haven't had any experience with escape rooms, maybe start with the ‘Mutiny’ room and work your way up to ‘Nethercott Manor’ which apparently is one of the hardest escape rooms in the country!

And one other top tip: it seems that all objects are potentially a clue so don't leave it behind!

More information:
Age suitability: 10/12yrs+

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