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New Survey Reveals the True Importance of Mum-to-Mum Support

New Survey Reveals the True Importance of Mum-to-Mum Support

A recent survey of over 1,500 mums highlighted just how integral mum-to-mum support is during every woman’s individual breastfeeding experience. Commissioned by the world leading breastfeeding brand, Medela, the results revealed that:

  • Of the mums that attended a local baby/breastfeeding group, more than two thirds felt that talking to other mums helped to support their breastfeeding experience
  • Not only did 80% of the mums questioned find the support from fellow mums (friend/sister/antenatal buddy) helpful with breastfeeding in the early days, the same amount believe that this advice actually prolonged their feeding journey

With these results in mind during these uncertain and challenging times (and following the news that The Big Breastfeeding Café has now been postponed until later in the year), the brand has looked at how it can continue this community initiative by giving the national campaign a virtual makeover!

Across Medela’s social platforms from today, the brand is encouraging mums to share a photo with a mug of tea or a breastfeeding snap, alongside their top breastfeeding tip. The sole objective of this is to build an army of fellow mothers who will share an abundance helpful hints and breastfeeding tips, for all those currently breastfeeding or any potentially apprehensive new or expectant mothers. The mission is simple – to create a virtual community of support.

Using the hashtag #mybreastfeedingtip, Medela will continue to share the mum-to-mum advice across their 60,000 strong social following, offering some support and reassurance to families who may be missing attending their usual breastfeeding/baby groups during this turbulent time.

Medela’s key focus is to continue to connect breastfeeding families across the country, sharing support, encouragement and giving them all a virtual high five.

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented:

‘At Medela, we really believe in the important role community has to play in each and every individual breastfeeding experience. Receiving encouragement or simply advice from a friend, mother or sister can make all the difference to a new mum who is struggling. We hope the #mybreastfeedingtip hashtag will encourage mums to get talking, sharing their thoughts and ideas to potentially help another who may really need to hear it right now.”

“If this support can help any new mums to combat any uncertainty with breastfeeding, we will be thrilled.’ She added.