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Who’s up for some mumshine?

Who’s up for some mumshine?

As the summer school holidays come to an end, does anyone else feel like they need another holiday to get over it?

Well apparently we’re not alone as a study of over 2,000 mums in Britain has revealed that nearly 50% of mothers are taking time out for holidays with their girlfriends, in a bid to relax and recharge their batteries, and recover from their tiring family lives.

If your household is anything like mine, then filling the six week break with activities is a complex job of juggling work, holiday clubs and of course play-dates, so it’s not surprising that we are all frazzled by the end! So, in order to get those ever so special lie-ins, it also reveal that that mums are booking breaks without their children more regularly, as a way to reconnect with old friends.

One fifth said they used the break to do more grown-up activities like visiting museums and getting time to read a good book, whilst almost 70% considered the getaway a crucial experience for maintaining their sanity against the pressures of being a modern mum!

I think “mumshine” might be my new favourite word!