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Could Dad start the New Year with New Hair?

Could Dad start the New Year with New Hair?

For some Dads, hair loss can be absolutely devastating. It’s a sign of ageing that is hard to escape, and can make them feel less like themselves particularly if it happens at a younger age than normal. Whilst some Dads embrace the baldy look, for others hair loss is a confidence destroyer, and it can make a young dad look quite a bit older than he really is. There are lots of lotions and potions that claim to delay hair loss or prevent it, but the only thing that’s proven to work to help hair grow back a hair transplant, and hair transplants are becoming more and more popular.

We’ve been given some info below on hair transplants, if you’re considering going down that route this should tell you what you need to know, to help you make a decision as a family.

Why do Dads lose their hair? 

Hair loss and going bald are also two different things. One involves the complete loss of hair, the other is pattern baldness, which results in the thinning of the hair. Hair loss in men typically occurs because your body is becoming more sensitive to a hormone called androgens. How affected you are by this hormone depends on your genetics, which is why some people bald and others don’t. At its core, baldness and hair loss is genetic, but it can also occur due to stress, surgery, medication, and so on. In those situations, though, your hair is likely to grow back. That’s why when you start to notice pattern balding, you should first consider if you are stressed, and aim to reduce your stress first.

If, on the other hand, your hair loss is a result of genetics, then the effect is sadly permanent.That’s why the only real treatment is follicular unite extraction (FUE). This hair transplant option is one of the best ways to get your own hair growing back and stop you feeling like you’re losing your identity due to hairloss. FUE is done by extracting healthy follicles from other areas of your head and implanting them in the areas where you’re balding. This extraction is done under local anaesthesia, because surgeons need to use a microsurgery to remove 1 to 4 hairs at a time, and need to then use surgical needles to implant those hairs in a natural formation on the balding areas of the head. The process can be done all at once, or in stages, depending on how much grafting needs to be completed. The amount of hairs that can be transplanted can range from 200 to a few thousand.

FUE is different than strip surgery, which is the other hair transplant option. The most obvious difference is that strip surgery often leaves a linear scar, whereas FUE treatments only leave small puncture scars that heal quickly and are difficult to see. As such, the recovery time is fast, and the results are permanent. There is no set-cost for treatments, everyone is different, but you can check FUE hair transplant costs during a one-to-one consultation, which you may choose to bring your partner to as well.