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Our new favourite fun family homeware shop

Our new favourite fun family homeware shop

Recently we stumbled across an amazingly fun shop that’s had us setting up a huge Christmas list in July! Finding useful things to have around the house that are going to be practical, stylish and fun for the kids but also are cool for adults to have too can be really hard. The reason we’ve fallen in love with Redcandy is their quirky sense of humour; they turn the most mundane of household items into something to smile about that will also help children enjoy keeping tidy.

On the website there’s a huge selection of bright fun animal themed products such as bedside lamps and coat hooks, but www.redcandy.co.uk is full of very nice grown up items too, with plenty of on-trend copper and rose gold beauties to choose from. There are some particularly nice lampshades from Love Frankie and the choice of clocks is incredible – we really were spoilt for choice.

We wanted to brighten up our office and couldn’t resist this stunning copper Karlsson wall clock that looks like a beautiful sunrise in the office every morning as the light shines off it. It’s a huge 50cm in diameter and is a great feature so for £46.50 not bad at all.












For at home we’ve been eyeing up the dinosaur collection as who doesn’t love a diplodocus?! There are egg cups, lamps, toothbrush holders, plant pots, stickers, blackboards… everything for the kids’ bedrooms or playroom. The collection of geometric animal lamps is brilliant for bedtime. We love the polar bear and diplodocus which are £29 each, and the Moon Desk Lamp, which is only £8. If you’re constantly saying “hang your coat up” to the kids every time you walk through the door then putting up some fun coat hooks could just help – like the wall climbing buddies available in different colours.

If you really wanted to go all out with a bedroom theme then Redcandy has wall stickers, lampshades, and some rather large animal shaped bookcases (but we’ll have to save up a bit for those!) and a really fun range of zoo animal portrait cushions. You can even pick up some purple toilet paper if you’re precious about colour matching in your smallest room! The website is definitely worth a visit for present shopping or something fun to brighten up the house. There’s some beautiful Scandinavian furniture too, in more neutral colours ideal for a very stylish hygge baby’s room.

Dinosaur lamp £29