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Swimming and Child Development

Swimming and Child Development



Swimming is undoubtedly a great activity for babies and children, and can be an exciting and enriching experience for everyone involved.



Here, we’ve listed some of the many benefits of childhood swimming and reasons why you should add swimming lessons to yours and your child’s schedule…



1) Physical

Swimming engages all 5 senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, and therefore the swimming pool is a fantastic sensory playground for children to enjoy. Swimming provides a gentle all bodywork-out for children and parents alike, and allows babies free movement a long time before they can walk. It also helps to develop children’s core muscles, co-ordination and balance.

boy swimming

2) Emotional

Learning to swim at an early age reduces the chance of a child fearing the water later on in life. Fear of the water usually stems from a negative experience, so well structured lessons will introduce the pool and the idea of swimming gently and allow swimming to become a enjoyable activity. Swimming is also an amazing skin-to-skin bonding activity for parents with babies.

baby swimming

3) Social

Above all – swimming is fun! It will become an activity that both parents and children will enjoy. Children can enjoy playing and learning with others, and well structured lessons will develop children’s trust as well as listening skills. Later in life, children can enjoy attending swimming parties with their friends, and the ability to swim can increase a child’s level of self esteem.

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For local swimming schools in the area –

Small Splashes – located in Wilmington
Aquability – Pools in Horam and Isfield (near Uckfield)
The Little Swim School – Pools in Brighton, Hove and Lewes
The Swim Skills School – Located in Eastbourne
Freedom Leisure – Centre in Hailsham