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Why learning a musical instrument is good for us

Why learning a musical instrument is good for us

There are so many reasons why playing an instrument or singing is good for us.  Most importantly music is a fun and pleasurable activity.  Many people love listening to music, but actively taking part is an even more intense, creative experience and enhances a sense of wellbeing – put simply it makes us feel good.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Learning an instrument and performing in front of others provides a sense of achievement which can boost a child’s self- confidence.  Group playing helps youngsters work as part of a team – a skill that is valued by employers.  And they develop discipline and concentration skills that can help with academic work.

So, if you want a happy, confident, socially skilled child who achieves well at school – how about considering encouraging them to play a musical instrument?

East Sussex Music provides lessons in school and after school, runs choirs, bands and orchestras across the county, and creates plenty of opportunities for children to experience the thrill of performing in concerts.    Our skilled and dedicated teachers make music learning fun and pass on a love for music that lasts a lifetime.

‘Every member of the teaching staff were unbelievably accommodating to my son. They fitted him into the orchestra, jazz band and percussion and are all so supportive in his musical journey. Every single teacher is there because they love music and are passionate about watching the pupils’ musical talent grow.’

For further information about East Sussex Music please visit www.eastsussex.gov.uk/music