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Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly

Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly

RobWithOllie&PollyHiResRob Johnson is an Airline Captain, husband, proud father, school governor and the author of a new series of children’s books based on the characters Pilot Ollie, Pilot Polly and their amazing adventures.

As a pilot Rob spends time away from his family. Upon his return from his trips his children were always curious about where he had been, what he had seen and what he’d eaten?

Rob, Alfie age 7 and Woody age 5 would sit on the end of the bed at bed time and invent stories about the places he had been to. They created the characters Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly along with other characters based on people they knew which included Alfie Engineer, Woody Weatherman and Chris Controller.

Earlier this year Rob decided to share his stories with the aim of trying to inspire children to travel, educate them on international cultures, food, weather, flags and maybe even inspire some of them to become pilots.

Hence Plane Characters Ltd was founded using local illustrators, printers and suppliers.

The Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly’s amazing adventure books, aimed at 3- 8 year old’s now feature books about London, Rome, Madrid, Guide to the Airport and Come Fly With Us ( explaining what a pilot does to fly a plane) and are available from www.planecharacters.com and www.amazon.co.uk

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