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Step out in the South East for a fun family walk and help protect your paths

Step out in the South East for a fun family walk and help protect your paths

Families in the South East are being encouraged to step out for a stroll this summer and help protect the places they love to walk along the way as part of the Ramblers’ Big Pathwatch.

The Ramblers is asking families to head out and walk their favourite paths in the South East and report back on what they find using a smartphone app. To make this fun for children, the walking experts have created fun, free activity sheets that families can download and take out on their ramble. Not only is walking good exercise for all the family, it’s also a great way to tempt children away from the Xbox or TV and help them learn all about the great outdoors. The Big Pathwatch activity sheets are the perfect way to turn a normal walk around the local area into a fun family adventure.

Ramblers’ chief executive Benedict Southworth said: “The summer holidays are the perfect time to step out for a walk with your family and spend some quality time together, as well as a great way to help everyone stay healthy. “As part of the Big Pathwatch we’re helping families to turn their walk into an adventure. We’ve created fun, free downloadable activity sheets for youngsters to complete while they’re out walking. From a game of walking bingo to a creative rainbow ramble, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. “For older children we’ve even got an activity sheet with top tips on being a walk leader. Let them lead the way on your Big Pathwatch walk, draw a map and sketch anything interesting they see along the way. “We need as many people as possible in the South East to step up and help us protect our paths. The Big Pathwatch is the perfect way to help inspire our next generation of walkers, who will play a key role in protecting our paths for generations to come.”

Families can download the Big Pathwatch app and share their experiences as they walk every right of way within a specific grid square. They’ll be asked to share the positive features of the walk, the beautiful views, any wildlife and interesting landscapes they see, as well as noting any problems they encounter.

The Big Pathwatch activity sheets will be available from www.Ramblers.org.uk/bigpathwatch For more information call the Ramblers press office 0207 339 8531 or 07584 848083 (out of hours) [email protected] Follow The Rambler: Facebook www.facebook.com/ramblers and Twitter twitter.com/RamblersGB