East Surrey

Salfords Primary School

Salfords Primary School

Salfords Primary School strives to ensure the very best education is on offer for all their pupils from the very first day they join.

You can find out much more on their website here.

They have a hard-working team which is motivated to do well and fully supports the efforts being made by the Co-Headteachers to bring about positive change and there is a real sense of joint working throughout the school.

There is good quality care and support; Salfords has a great environment which ensures children feel safe and happy while learning. There is also a wide range of out-of-school clubs to enrich the curriculum.

Salfords works hard to build positive relationships with parents who can be certain of a strong culture of safeguarding at the school.

As a result of the determined and nurturing staff, pupils settle quickly to learning and establish routines with high expectations for their behaviour and they respond to the school’s values and which are embedded across the board.