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All about periods!

All about periods!

Menstrual Guide Book Launched For Girls

Education around periods is still woefully lacking worldwide, especially for young girls at the very brink of puberty, confused about all the new changes happening to their bodies and minds.

To help educate and empower women of all ages and remove the stigma surrounding menstruation, INTIMINA has launched a book for young girls that have just entered or are to enter womanhood.

INTIMINA’s “The Wonder Girls Guide Book” aims to strike up a conversation about an entirely normal part of growing up. The book is created for ages eight to twelve and it tells the stories of trials and tribulations strong young women experience because of their changing, growing bodies.

Each story, whose main characters are introduced through vivid and colourful illustrations by budding artist and designer, Antonija Bačić, provides both the situational learning experience and information about menstruation with practical advice on how to avert unpleasant situations.

The book is available here.