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A SPECIAL VISITOR roars into the Belfry for Christmas!

A SPECIAL VISITOR roars into the Belfry for Christmas!

PIC_BSC_Xmas16_Snow LionShoppers at the Belfry Shopping Centre, Redhill stared in amazement when the largest snow lion to walk the earth arrived to join them in a weekend of free Christmas fun.

This was one of the first outings in the UK for the giant beast, which measures 2 metres high and 4 metres long. The snow lion, a mythical symbol of winter, combines cutting-edge animatronic puppetry, sound effects and music with an astonishingly realistic appearance.

Accompanied by the Winter King and Queen, he wowed adults and children alike as he padded around the Belfry during three days of free festive entertainment that included music, magic, roller-skating snowballs, children’s activity workshops and prize competitions.

“Everyone was encouraged to stroke the snow lion and take photos with him. This amazing creature really helped to make Christmas an unforgettable experience this year,” Andy Nash, Belfry manager, said.

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