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ebook advice to help getting your family SWIMMING!

ebook advice to help getting your family SWIMMING!

Online children’s swimwear retailer Baby Swimming Shop has surveyed 2,100 parents in the UK of children under the age of six, to find out their attitudes towards swimming.

The children’s swimming survey was prompted by the National Water Safety Forum’s research earlier in the year that found around 321 people die in the UK by drowning each year. Following this the organisation urged more people to learn to swim.

Despite these worrying statistics the Baby Swimming Shop’s survey found that 49 per cent of parents admitted to not teaching their children to swim even though 99 per cent of those surveyed agreeing that being able to swim as a child was a vital skill.

Shockingly, 12 per cent of parents admitted to never swimming with their child and a further 20 per cent admitted to only swimming with them on the annual summer family holiday.

The main reason for not enrolling children in swimming lessons was not having sufficient time (72 per cent). 12 per cent of parents surveyed could not afford lessons, whilst 11 per cent of parents couldn’t swim themselves.

Following the research, Baby Swimming Shop has developed an ebook to inspire and encourage parents to take their children swimming. A number of swim schools and leading parenting bloggers have contributed tips and advice to the ebook including Epsom parenting blogger Rebecca Urie from All About U.

The ebook includes swimming advice, tips and hints from leading UK parenting bloggers and swimming schools. Epsom parenting blogger and family swimming fan, Rebecca Urie from All About U was selected to help put the ebook together. Rebecca said: “You don’t want children to have any negative experiences when it comes to swimming, in my opinion. Then they will be happy to get in the water as they get bigger. It can help their confidence so much, so it is pretty important.”