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Let’s make a cake

Let’s make a cake

make a cakeLet’s make a cake – this is one of my favourite children’s songs.
I used to sing it with Joe (my son) when he was about 6. I think he was introduced to it at Holmesdale School in Reigate.

With the stir and stir and stir and stir.. we pretended to be stirring with a large wooden spoon in a huge mixing bowl floating in front of us. When adding another ingredient, we acted that out too (cracking eggs etc.).

It always started well whilst we mixed the “normal” ingredients. Then we would get a bit silly. As more and more ingredients were added, the stirring became more and more laboured. We would start choosing less appropriate ingredients to add to our cake such as baked beans, sausages and fish food. When we sang the song whilst walking the dogs in the forest, we chose other foresty items to mix in such as pine cones, toadstools and dog hair (well actually it wasn’t hair but I will leave you to decide what one syllable word we might have used, the acting that went with this item entailed lots of nose holding and expressions of disgust).

The song always ended with uncontrollable giggling and a certain number of askance looks from passers by.

Do you have favourite song you sing (or sang) with your child?