The Iona Day Nursery
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Business Name : The Iona Day Nursery

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Our nursery cares for children from 6 weeks – 3 1/2 years of age. The aims of the nursery are to provide the infant with:

✴A calm harmonious atmosphere without intrusion of television, computers or electronic music

✴A safe environment

✴Rhythm and regularity in the day

✴A feeling of security

✴A home-from-home environment

✴Child led play

Fresh, wholesome meals are prepared in our vegetarian kitchen each day.

Long Description :


During Early childhood the foundations are laid for the rest of life, and it is our aim to give the children in our care every opportunity to gain what is appropriate to their particular stage of development.

It is our conviction that play is the real work of the child, and that the fulfilling, imaginative play of childhood is a vital part of a healthy and balanced development. For their creative and imaginative faculties to unfold, children need to be in an environment which is both physically and emotionally secure.

Our qualified and experienced staff members achieve this “secure space” by creating a pattern of ordered and regular activities for each day.  The rhythm and pattern of the day soon gives the child a feeling of knowing where he/she stands – a good starting point for their exploration of the world of free and imaginative play.

Activities at the Nursery include painting, drawing, cooking, modelling with beeswax, story time with songs and poems, ring games, and of course helping to tidy away – we know how important it is to foster good habits! When the weather permits, the children will be able to play outside under supervision.

If you require further information or would like to arrange a visit please contact Janine Skivington, Nursery Manager on: 0115 9587392

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0115 9587392

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