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What will you do to get into shape?

What will you do to get into shape?

Why wait until the New Year to get into shape when you can start right now?


Gedling Borough Council has launched a new leisure initiative called ‘I WILL’ which offers customers who visit their leisure centres a free pre-Christmas health check and a month’s free membership if they sign up in December.


The campaign will be asking people to make a pledge to their own health and wellbeing and fitness by committing to the I WILL programme.


The campaign posters all carry the message I WILL and encourages people to get involved in a number of activities including swimming, running, exercise and walking to stay fit.


I WILL is being launched today at the four leisure centres around the borough to help inspire people to get into shape now and continue into the New Year.


The council has leisure centres situated in Arnold, Carlton, Calverton and Redhill.


For more information on I WILL please visit our leisure page www.gedling.gov.uk/leisure

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