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Teenager’s plea brings Christmas tree to Gedling village

Teenager’s plea brings Christmas tree to Gedling village

Gedling village will have its own brightly lit Christmas tree for the first time this year after a local teenager contacted her local Councillor about the lack of festive lights in previous years.


The lights will be officially turned on this Saturday (6 December) by the Mayor of Gedling and 14 year old Bethany Lowe who personally requested the tree.


In previous years Christmas trees and lights has not been installed in the village, and have instead been in the borough’s main shopping centres, such as Arnold, Netherfield and Mapperley.


But Bethany said in her letter:

“I am just one of the many girls and boys in the village who love Christmas and enjoy seeing places looking as beautiful as possible. ….The lights make the time not only seasonal but warm when the nights are coldest and longest.


“Last year we only had a few light bulbs… it would be lovely to see Gedling brightened up with some more festive fairy lights and perhaps a Christmas tree to make Gedling more inviting and cheerful for the residents and visitors.”


Councillor Hollingsworth and Council Leader John Clarke were so impressed with Bethany’s letter that they asked Council staff and fellow councillors to see if there was anything the Council could do to help bring the festive spirit to Gedling village.



Councillor Jenny Hollingsworth said:

“Bethany wrote to me in October about the lack of Christmas decorations around the village. I was so impressed that she cared enough to write to me, I showed her letter to the Leader who was so impressed he set about getting a tree for the village.


“Gedling Borough and Nottinghamshire County Council Officers have worked incredibly hard to achieve this at such short notice, and local Councillors have also made contributions towards the cost of the installation – so it has been a collaborative effort by all concerned.

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