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The date for ITV’s People’s Millions vote is quickly approaching and Nottingham has been shortlisted to the final few projects with a chance of winning £50,000 on Monday 24 November.

Team Nottingham is an innovative partnership of charities linked to the city’s National Ice Centre and five élite sports clubs who will work together to tackle the dangerous rise in childhood obesity and inactivity across Nottingham. Partnering up are the National Ice Centre, Notts County FC Football in the Community (FITC), Nottingham Forest in the Community, Trent Bridge Community Trust, Nottingham Rugby and Beeston Hockey Club.


The partnership formed in response to their ability to engage and motivate people through sports and physical activities, and their combined track record of effective health projects.

As Nottingham is the 20th most deprived local authority in England, children are more likely to become overweight with less access to physical activities.  Approximately one in three of Nottingham’s children are overweight and almost 50% do not reach the recommended target of 60 minutes activity every day.  Obesity and inactivity are significant factors in the future physical and mental health of Nottingham’s children.  Both issues have an impact on children’s ability to play, their fitness, social inclusion and confidence, among other issues.  Research demonstrates that being overweight as a child means people are more likely to develop life threatening conditions as an adult.  People who are overweight are more susceptible to CVD in adulthood, as well as illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes. Being fit and healthy as a child sets individuals on a path for a longer life expectancy.

As a result of the difficulties local children face, the National Ice Centre along with Nottingham’s five sports clubs aim to address these important issues head on and use the city’s strong sporting heritage and famous sports brands to transform lives.  Combining healthy eating workshops and a wide range of fun sports coaching and physical activities, Team Nottingham will have a huge impact across the city if the public supports them by voting on the day so they secure this funding.  Professional sports coaches will act as role models who children can relate to and will be able to help them make the right life choices.  If they win, Team Nottingham will engage and motivate 840 people next year, improving their lifestyles and increasing the amount of activity they do.


To tackle obesity there are three factors that need to be addressed: diet, exercise and education. Team Nottingham’s project brings together all three aspects and will strive to improve diets and lifestyles as well as increase activity levels.


Tim Hatton, Senior Manager at FITC believes the project is of great importance to the future of Nottingham’s children, saying: “This project will not be a success without the community’s help.  We’ve worked in partnership with local childhood obesity experts and professional clubs to design this effective, targeted project.  Team Nottingham want people to pick up the phone and vote for us on Monday 24 November.  We want to use sport to give children a chance and have the best start so they can lead normal lives.  We want to make them fitter and less overweight which will impact on their lives at home and at school, making them happier children.”

The telephone number to call will be released at 9am on Monday 24 November and votes can be cast until midnight.


To get involved visit Team Nottingham’s social media sites, where you can show your support, spread the word and most importantly find out how to register your vote on Monday 24 November.


Tweet @TeamNottm or visit facebook.com/TeamNottingham using hashtags #TNVO and #VoteTeamNottm


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