East & South Notts and Nottingham

The Big Kick at Powerleague, Nottingham

The Big Kick at Powerleague, Nottingham


5-A-Side Football for young people aged 14-19 years with a Learning Disability.


Football is fun and it is a good way of keeping healthy and meeting new friends.
We are setting up a football tournament for teams of 5 players.
This will be on Tuesday 28th January at Powerleague Nottingham.

The winning team will get a trophy and everyone who takes part will get a medal

After the Tournament there will be
weekly football games. This is called
a 5 a-side football league. They will
run every Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm at
Powerleague Nottingham.
Each team will be registered with the
English Football Association which is
called the FA.
It will be great fun and your friends
and your parents can come and
watch you play football.
For more information or to register your football team contact
Sophie on 07931346757 or [email protected]