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Summer Fit all year round

Summer Fit all year round

You may or may not know that you live in one of the unhealthiest counties in the UK


So to start with ask yourself “How healthy am I?”


Do you choose to take the lift over the stairs?

Do you choose to drive your children to school?

Do you choose to have one more glass of wine at dinner?


All of us can make slight changes to our everyday life that could burn up to an extra 1000 calories a day without even stepping into a gym, easy hey?


So Fitness In The is on a mission, a mission to get Nottinghamshire healthy!


We are working with local schools, communities and workplaces to educate and show them how simple increasing your fitness levels can be and also show you it can be fun and not a chore.


So we are setting YOU a 30-day challenge!


FREE 4 week lifestyle and activity program to help get you fitter  and change your life with our simple yet highly effective program.


Up for it?


Then contact us on the email address below for your FREE Fitness and Lifestyle program.


[email protected]

Tel: 07925 268368

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