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Magikats Students are ready!

Magikats Students are ready!

Recent News Headlines                             SATS 2013 –  “Back to basics”

All 11 year olds are to be tested on the proper use of English spelling, punctuation and grammar under Government plans to raise standards.

Students need to recognise the difference between formal and non-standard English because too many youngsters rely on so-called “text speak” in their written work.

Exams will focus on grammatical functions of words, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and also fluent, joined and legible handwriting.

It is said that pupils are struggling to develop a fluency in maths after being denied the chance to practice basic sums at a young age.   Nick Gibb suggested, that learning times table by heart was necessary to enable children to tackle more challenging topics at secondary school.

All this represents a dramatic toughening up of requirements in primary school maths and English.

ALL MAGIKATS STUDENTS are ready for the new style exams because grammar, punctuation, spelling, handwriting, fluency in times tables are amongst the things that we have always taught.

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