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Free Assessment from Kumon

Free Assessment from Kumon

Nottingham Kumon study centres offer Free Assessment!


Kumon is the country’s leading supplementary education provider, with over four million students worldwide. Whatever your child’s age or ability, Kumon can help them to excel academically, develop their capacity for learning independently and boost their confidence in all areas of life.


Kumon’s unique method of learning focuses on each child as an individual, providing them with transferable study skills and ensuring they progress at a level that is right for them. Students attend their local Kumon centre once or twice a week for around half an hour and have daily worksheets to complete at home.


Before enrolling, your child will benefit from a Free Assessment. This will determine where on the programmes they will begin and will ensure that their Kumon study is individualised to their needs from the outset. Once enrolled, your child will start on the programmes at a level they are comfortable with. This ensures that they establish a daily study habit and that there are no gaps in their understanding of the subject before moving on. By completing easier work in the initial stages of study your child will also experience success from the start, building confidence from a solid foundation.

There are currently more than 67,000 students studying with Kumon at over 630 study centres across the UK. For details of your local Kumon study centre and to book a Free Assessment, call 0800 854 714 or visit www.kumon.co.uk.


Once they have filled in any gaps and mastered the topic, the Instructor will set new and eventually unfamiliar work, challenging the student to learn for themselves. The essence of this support is guidance rather than explanation; helping students to apply what they have already learned to solve work they have never seen before. It is through this ongoing experience that the seeds of self-confidence are sown and children feel able to discover and succeed by themselves.


Kumon focuses on long-term learning and achievement. As well as building speed and accuracy, Kumon’s maths and English programmes develop abilities such as concentration and independent learning, time management and problem-solving: abilities which will prepare students for the future.

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