Director Joe Wright re-imagines Rostand’s timeless love story in a sublime symphony of music, poetry and romance. Whether dazzling the crowds with his peerless wit or thrilling them with his courageous swordplay in a dual, Cyrano (Peter Dinklage) is a proud officer of the revered King’s Guard, a romantic poet, and secretly in love with his luminous friend Roxanne (Haley Bennett). Convinced his appearance renders him unworthy of her love, when Roxanne falls in love at first sight with handsome new recruit Christian (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.), Cyrano devises a way to convey his feelings through Christian’s hand to Roxanne’s heart, creating a delicate love triangle that must reveal its secrets before the onset of war.

This film is great for teenagers – as it looks at the power of words, and the importance of what is on the inside. We have a free film guide that is available to discuss some of these themes further – in a fun and accessible way.

The film is in UK cinemas on 14th Jan 2022. For tickets visit here