Koorana Centre, Ardingly
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Business Name : Koorana Centre, Ardingly

Short Description :

Would your child or young person love to explore colour, sound and creativity? Connect with nature and animals? Enjoy playing with, and learning about crystals? Do they need to find ways to relax, feel greater confidence and ease, connect to their joy and be able to balance their emotions? The Live Well programme for children and young people launches this summer at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly.

Long Description :

The new Koorana Centre ‘Live Well’ Programme provides an inspirational space where sensitive children and young people can thrive, right here in the heart of mid Sussex. Activities such as creative, colour and crystal workshops, yoga classes and gentle therapy sessions are being offered, you can book places now.



Activities are designed to:

  • Support the needs of sensitive children and young people, in a friendly group environment, which feels relaxed, gentle and safe.
  • Offer age-appropriate activities so they can grow in healthy, happy and holistic ways.
  • Provide a range of extra-curricular activities that promote practical life skills, so they cope better with uncomfortable emotions and discover who they truly are as individuals, learning to trust and believe in themselves.
  • Encourage self-awareness, greater creativity and confidence, healthy self-esteem, kindness, inner strength and resourcefulness, and natural forms of self-expression.


Our aim is to offer them a soft, caring and heart-centred approach and a variety of tools to support positive mental and emotional health. Group numbers will be carefully managed to ensure everyone receives the attention and support they need.



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07913 724183

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