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Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan is encouraging people across the UK to hug 100 trees this summer to raise money for rainforest protection. 

“We’ve all missed hugs in the last year” says Michaela, “so let’s celebrate hugging by doing Rainforest Trust UK’s Hug 100 Trees challenge! The natural environment has been such a huge source of comfort and brought so many of us peace and calm in our recent uncertain and chaotic lives. It’s time for us to give back, and what a great way to give back – raising money while giving hugs! C’mon, get tree hugging for the planet!”

The Hug 100 Trees campaign, which is organised by conservation charity Rainforest Trust UK, is a great way for children of all ages to spend time in nature this summer, and help the planet at the same time. You can hug any trees you like – in the local park, a nearby woodland, a beautiful forest, your garden, even in the street. You can hug all your 100 trees on the same day, or spread your tree-hugging throughout the summer – the only rule is that they must be 100 different trees.

It only takes a minute to set up a Hug 100 Trees JustGiving fundraising page, which can then be shared with friends and family asking them to sponsor your – or your children’s – tree-hugging efforts. All those taking part will also receive a free limited edition Rainforest Trust UK Hug 100 Trees T-shirt to wear while they’re out tree hugging for the planet!

Chris Redston, the Executive Director of Rainforest Trust UK, says, “We’re asking the British public to join Michaela Strachan in supporting this fun family-friendly campaign over the summer holidays. The money raised will be used to protect the planet’s most threatened rainforests, which not only stores hundreds of billions of tonnes of carbon, but also provide vital habitat for thousands of endangered species, such as tigers, elephants, orangutans, chimpanzees, macaws and jaguars. So release your inner tree-hugger and join our campaign to save the rainforests today!”

All money raised in the Hug 100 Trees campaign will be directed to the charity’s Rainforest Climate Action Fund, which supports the planet’s most important rainforest protection projects. Rainforest Trust UK guarantees that 100% of every donation will be used to protect our planet’s most threatened tropical forests, as they cover all their running costs through donations from their Board of Trustees and Gift Aid – and all donations will be matched 1:1 by generous supporters of the charity, meaning every pound donated saves twice as much rainforest.

Haddon Spender, Hug 100 Trees campaign manager at Rainforest Trust UK, adds, “Deforestation causes about 15% of all net global carbon emissions, which is the same as every bus, train, car, plane, ship and truck on the planet combined. Rainforests are currently being destroyed at a rate of about 70,000 acres a day, mainly through deliberate burning and clearing for cattle ranches, soy plantations and palm oil. Protecting our remaining rainforests is probably the most effective and cost-efficient way to fight climate change and save endangered species at the same time.”


Rainforest Trust UK Facebook page – @RainforestUK

Rainforest Trust UK Instagram page – @rainforesttrustuk

Rainforest Trust UK Twitter page – @RainforestUK
Hug 100 Trees information page

JustGiving fundraising sign-up page

Rainforest Climate Action Fund page

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Children’s charity the NSPCC is looking for children with a fondness for getting mucky to sign up to the Lidl Mudder challenge which takes place on 18 and 19 September at Holmbush Estate, Crawley Road, Faygate, West Sussex, RH12 4SE.

Lidl Mudder is a one-mile course packed full of obstacles for kids aged 5-12. There’s a laser maze, a mini Everest and monkey swing – it’s a great opportunity to get a Lidl muddy and make memories, all for a good cause!

Lidl Mudder is a kids-only version of Tough Mudder which sees adults take on either the ten or five mile challenges, battling through a series of mud-filled obstacles and runs.

Lidl is the official partner of Tough Mudder and also supports the NSPCC’s Childline service, having committed to raise £2m over 2 years for the service.

Gemma Graves, NSPCC Community Fundraising Manager explained: “Now that restrictions are starting to lift, what better time to embrace the outdoors and enjoy getting covered in mud, all while doing something life-changing for children.

“A child contacts Childline every 25 seconds and it costs £4 to answer their call for help. By raising money for the NSPCC, you could help us be there for children when they feel they have no one else to turn to.”

There are two ways to sign up to take up in the Lidl Mudder challenge:

  • Visit the Lidl Mudder website ( and book a place for just £10, then start fundraising.
  • If your child already has a place, register on our website at and we’ll send you everything you need to start fundraising for the NSPCC.

For anyone who wants to be a part of the day but doesn’t feel like getting muddy, the charity is also appealing for volunteers to come along, help fundraise and to cheer on all the NSPCC Lidl Mudders. Places will be allocated on a first served basis. To find out more, please email [email protected].

Please be aware that due to Covid-19 restrictions Lidl Mudder tickets will not be available to purchase on the day. All tickets must be pre-booked.

The Croods family have taken over Twinkl! Join Grug, Eep, Guy and the rest of the Crood family on their adventures by downloading the FREE resources here

To celebrate its upcoming release, Twinkl have teamed up with The Croods 2: A New Age, to bring you a brilliant set of resources to be used at home or in the classroom!

With its endearing cast of quirky characters, compelling plots, and irresistible jokes, children simply love The Croods. In fact, since the first film came out back in 2013, everyone’s favourite prehistoric family have proved so popular that they’ve grown into a franchise that includes a charming sequel, video games, and a television series. This isn’t good news just because The Croods are so entertaining; they’re also great for encouraging children to think about important topics, such as history, technology, and the environment.

That’s why TWINKL has teamed up with The Croods 2: A New Age to bring you this fantastic range of official Croods teaching resources. These are ideal for bringing some of the magic of the films to your teaching, whether fun learning at home or in the classroom. This is a sure fire way to ensure children stay attentive and engaged.

The Croods 2: A New Age will be in cinemas on 16th July. Check out the free resources here

WIN a Croods2 goody bag!

“How can I help my kids get reenergised after the tech overload of lockdown”

Georgie Delaney, MBE has the answer:


Thanks to the new site 800 TGO UK gyms being ‘digitally activated’ getting the whole nation outdoors and healing our hearts, lungs and minds. Health matters!

This means that families can now download and use the gym locator, wherever you are this summer, to find your nearest free TGO outdoor gym, and access a range or classes and courses direct to your mobile phone. You can even charge your device while you exercise on many of the TGO gyms incorporating the energy generating range.

Classes are all stored on your personal dashboard online and cost upwards of just £2.99 so you can access them as many times as you like – including ‘Family Fit’ and ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ with Rob Lindley and the wellbeing package ‘Stride Into Life’ with Dani Simpson – helping you and your family to Think Well, Feel Well and Live Well.

“TGO ‘The Great Outdoor Gym Company’, was founded by Georgie Delaney, and I love being a tgo-activator because TGO is committed to create happier families, healthy people and a healthy planet” says Dani Simpson, Founder of

“TGO is taking strides to get the whole nation energised, fitter, happier and healthier, as am I. TGO has also planted 29,000 trees so far, and pledge to plant at least one tree with every class or course purchased which is something I admire”.

Tgo-activate is currently in partnership with M&S to offer Sparks customers free and discounted courses so check your Sparks app for the latest offers.

“Every action starts with a thought so if we can harness the power of positive-thinking we can better manage our emotions and actions” explains Dani. “Getting out there and getting the family fit and healthy, and caring for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is a choice – so if you are reading this, I encourage you to download and choose life” says Dani.

“My heart for our nation is to help every single person reclaim their authentic self, understand the psychological power of words on our health, create healthier boundaries, build happier homes and workplaces, listen to our body’s warning signals, prevent dis-ease and disease, have braver conversations with one another, feel energised to exercise and have fun, grow connections and friendships, embrace natural healing and understand the scientifically proven benefits of joy, gratitude and laughter. As a nation we can learn how, and choose to Stride Into Life”.

“Children laugh 500 times a time, but adults only 5 times a day. Let’s learn from our kids, embrace joy and heal the health and happiness of our communities. includes community workouts too as well as yoga, physio led and HIIT classes so there really is something for everyone, including the TGO signature course Heal, Care, Move”.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company has installed 2,000 outdoor gyms globally from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia so it’s no surprise that the company’s founder Georgie Delaney was awarded an MBE June 2021.

Dani’s Moving Personal Story

Dani Simpson, mum of 3 and Founder of believes passionately in tgo-activate so has created 4 courses including webinars and workbook activations to help parents and families develop resilience, protect mental health and choose positivity.

“As a working mum I suffered from post-natal depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but found wellness in the power of positivity and the healing power of gratitude, community, friendship, authenticity, exercise and braver conversations” explains Dani.

“My Stride Into Life course on is unique in sharing the science behind choosing positivity (let’s face it we all need shed loads of positivity and resilience as parents) and is rooted in my very personal journey of healing and recovery which was the impetus for founding

I love sharing what worked for me and seeing others move towards optimal health and wellbeing too. Movement and good mental health is nature’s medicine.

As part of my journey, I met local firefighter Rob Lindley and was recovered enough by then to do his Family Fit with my kids in person. I was hugely impressed and all 3 of my children loved it! He’s a Dad of twins and knows how to keep kids engaged and make exercise fun! I’m fortunate to live near Rob and see him in action around our town and locally, so I’m thrilled that families and communities across the UK can now benefit and access Rob’s classes too wherever they live on It’s £2.99 well spent!”.

  • Visit find out more about Dani and Stride Into Life. £10 buys you 9 webinars and 9 workbooks encompassing all of Dani’s Think Well, Feel Well and Live Well courses for a healthier, happier family. 6 trees planted with every purchase.


“The TGO Vision is to support communities to become energised, healthy and sustainable with a focus on tackling unhealthy lifestyle, mental health and disease. We want to activate ‘people power’ for healthier happier people and planet”, says Georgie Delaney MBE, Founder of The Great Outdoor Gym Company and

“Everything we do is about excellence (TGO introduced British Safety Standards for outdoor gyms) so it was equally important to us to work with movement and wellbeing specialists to create the classes on

“Having been part of two Global Climate Change conferences we’ve realised that people power is the missing jigsaw piece. By living a healthy and more sustainable life we can help tackle non communicable disease (NCD’s) and climate change. We want to be the best at supporting communities to be healthy and to reach net zero, whilst encouraging society to live more sustainably”.

The purpose of the new content is – health, wellbeing and sustainability. Physiotherapy led courses manage and help people with Type 2 Diabetes, family-friendly circuits are available to do on and off TGO outdoor gyms, and wellbeing courses can be enjoyed on a walk or over a coffee including Dani’s ‘Stride Into Life’ course and Georgie’s own signature course ‘Heal, Care, Move’, which pinpoints the root cause of health and wellbeing issues at the heart of the individual.

Visit to find your nearest TGO gym wherever you are this summer – and most importantly, have fun!











More exciting TGO facts….

  • TGO gyms are safe for children and families and meet British Safety Standards
  • Look out for TGO’s energy generating range that now generates electricity using people power! Some TGO gyms use your energy so light up the surrounding trees!
  • Increasing numbers of gyms like the TGO gym in Slough will have smart activator screens, pioneering the world’s first outdoor gyms with free classes on outdoor screens.
  • In 2008, TGO designed an Olympic legacy gym for adidas who sponsored the project leading to TGO rolling out 70 of these giant outdoor gym spaces bringing legacy of the Olympic Games to ordinary communities across England.


  • TGO’s products have helped people get more active and tackle lifestyle diseases through movement. It is estimated that over 10 million benefit from TGO’s gym installations.
  • Georgie Delaney, MBE leads the TGO business on sustainability, incorporating tree planting for every piece of gym equipment installed – supporting charities such as NHS Forest and Eden Reforestation Project.


  • Georgie led a project with Terracycle and Right Guard, creating a gym out of recycled aerosol cans – installing one in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For a fit and fun day out with the kids, go and check it out this summer!


  • M&S Sparks is currently reaching out to 3M people in the UK via Sparks – check if you have received an offer for free or discounted courses, or visit



  • Summer Reading Challenge launching in libraries across Scotland and N. Ireland 19th June and England and Wales 10th July
  • ‘Wild World Heroes’ theme, in partnership with WWF, to encourage children across the country to engage in fun reading activity focused on environmental issues
  • Online Challenge platform offers digital rewards for reading, supporting reading catch-up after a difficult year for children
  •  Libraries planning an exciting programme of supporting events and activities
  • Sky VIP to support Challenge with partnership
  • Challenge being sponsored by Pearson and OverDrive Education – both organisations committed to keep children reading this summer
  • WWF to host virtual events including school seminars and live lessons


#SummerReadingChallenge #WildWorldHeroes


London. 14 June 2021: The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge, in partnership with WWF, is delighted to announce that teenage naturalist, award-winning writer and broadcaster Dara McAnulty and award-winning explorer, presenter, and writer Steve Backshall, are ambassadors for the Summer Reading Challenge 2021, as the full plans for the campaign are unveiled.


The Summer Reading Challenge, delivered in partnership with public libraries, encourages reading for pleasure for children aged 4 to 11 over the summer holidays. The Challenge launches in Scotland and Northern Ireland on 19th June, and on 10th July in England and Wales. Teaming up with WWF for 2021, this year’s theme is Wild World Heroes which inspires children to explore ways of helping to save the planet. The annual Challenge reaches over 700,000 children across the UK each year. The Reading

Agency are aiming to increase its impact even further this year by reaching 1 million children with its new digital platform providing accessible, fun reading activities for all children.


With ideas from WWF, the Challenge focuses on action for nature and tackling real-world environmental issues, from plastic pollution and deforestation to wildlife decline and nature loss. Through taking part in the Challenge, with free packs from public libraries or online, children will be able to join six fictional characters – ‘wild heroes’ – to help solve some of these threats, learning about the importance of the environment while helping to restore nature levels in the neighbourhood of ‘Wilderville’.


A ‘Welcome to Wilderville: Meet the Heroes’ digital campaign will run over summer with a different weekly habitat theme, led by the Wild World Heroes, including Woodland, River, Farm, Town, Home/School and the Beach. The characters and landscape are illustrated by award-winning children’s author and illustrator Heath McKenzie.


Over the summer term, WWF will be offering opportunities and resources for UK public libraries and primary schools to engage with the nature theme in the Summer Reading Challenge and to explore some of the most important issues of our time through the power of reading. WWF will also be running school seminars and live lessons, with further details to be confirmed over June and July, and updates posted on their dedicated Summer Reading Challenge webpage.


A range of partners are also supporting the Challenge this year. Sky VIP are teaming up with The Reading Agency to offer thousands of VIP customers the chance to win a copy of Shark Seas by Sky presenter and Summer Reading Challenge Ambassador Steve Backshall. Customers will be invited to start their Summer Reading Challenge journey with Steve’s book at participating libraries nationwide – and can head to the My Sky app to find out more. The Challenge is also being supported by Pearson (sponsoring the digital platform’s School Zone) and Overdrive Education (sponsoring the digital platform’s Home Zone).


Dara McAnulty, ambassador, said:

“I am so excited to be championing The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge, to encourage children to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays. I’m 17 years old now – but not so long ago, the Summer Reading Challenge was something myself and my siblings completed every summer. It’s such a joy to now be an ambassador and encourage other children to take part in this wonderful scheme. I’m delighted that The Reading Agency is teaming up with WWF for this year’s very special nature-themed ‘Wild World Heroes’, to help children explore ways of helping our magnificent earth. The Challenge feels more vital than ever after such a challenging year for school children, so it is brilliant to see the fun and engaging reading activities that everyone can get involved with, in libraries and online – inspiring them to help make a difference to nature. I look forward to celebrating two of my favourite things this summer… reading and helping the planet!”


Steve Backshall, ambassador, said:

“I am thrilled to be supporting the Summer Reading Challenge 2021. The Reading Agency has teamed up with WWF for Wild World Heroes, an exciting nature-themed reading challenge that will inspire children to take action for the environment. Wild World Heroes will spark conversations about the issues facing our planet, from plastic pollution to wildlife decline, and will show how we can all work together to look after our world. By taking part in the Challenge, children will unlock the benefits of reading for pleasure – it’s never been more important for young people to keep up their reading skills

and confidence over the summer holidays. Wild World Heroes is a brilliant way to get children reading and talking about big issues! Happy Summer of Reading!”


Karen Napier, CEO of The Reading Agency, said:

“We’re delighted to be announcing further details of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, and to have the support of our wonderful ambassadors, Dara McAnulty and Steve Backshall. We hope that this year, more children than ever will feel inspired and encouraged to sign up to the Challenge. After a difficult year for many, we are immensely grateful for the continued and longstanding support of public libraries, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them to help get children reading, alongside our brilliant partners and sponsors.”


Tanya Steele, CEO, WWF, said:

“Young people are the future – and they are some of the most passionate and enthusiastic advocates for our natural world. I’m continuously inspired by our young supporters at WWF and their efforts to speak up for nature, often in wonderful and creative ways. We are delighted to be partners of the Summer Reading Challenge in this milestone year for environmental action. 

We hope it will encourage more children across the UK to get reading, and to take positive action for the planet – our one shared home.” 


Schools Minister Nick Gibb said:
“Reading is a cornerstone of children’s education and a key skill for developing their language and vocabulary. After the impact of the pandemic on young people, this year’s Summer Reading Challenge is more timely than ever, and a great opportunity for children to discover the joy of reading while building knowledge of vital environmental issues.”


Visit for more information.

Find out more about the Wild World Heroes Book Collection here.


Follow the latest developments on social media:


@ReadingAgency / @WWF

#SummerReadingChallenge / #WildWorldHeroes

by Cheryl Abrahams, Partner at Bolt Burdon Kemp

Cheryl Abraham is mother to two young children and her passion for improved road safety comes from her work acting on behalf of children who suffer brain injuries in road accidents. Through her work, she has seen the devastation that can occur to the child and the whole family when a child is seriously injured in a road accident. 


New government statistics

The government’s recently published data reveals a 16% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured in Road Traffic Accidents in England between 2012 and 2016, compared with the previous 4-year period. However, 32,607 killed or injured children is still unacceptably high.

Most of these accidents appear to occur travelling to and from school; child pedestrians in the 10-14 year old age group having the highest number of accidents – typically the age when children start walking to school without an adult.  Clearly, we need to balance encouraging children’s growing sense of independence with the need to protect them – but how do we do that?

Road safety measures

According to the data, the vast majority of accidents involving children happen on 30mph roads and this is particularly true of pedestrians. No single solution can prevent accidents, however a mixture of initiatives could work together to improve the situation.

The ‘School Streets’ initiative bars motor vehicles from schools at pick-up and drop-off times, and is definitely part of the answer in my view.

Reducing vehicle speed is also vital because the data shows that lowering speed can prevent accidents and reduce the severity of injuries suffered, therefore introducing 20mph limits and zones around schools is crucial.

What about controversial Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)? Although LTNs stop motor vehicles from using quiet, residential roads (often near schools) as shortcuts, they are criticised for increasing traffic on the surrounding border roads. Unless every road on a child’s route to school is closed to motor vehicles, LTNs in isolation are not the answer.

Are schools providing enough education around road safety?

A survey of primary school parents commissioned by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) found that less than 50% of children received any road safety education within the last 12 months in school. All schools in England are obliged to teach road safety as part of the curriculum and are expected to work with the local authority to produce a ‘School Travel Plan’ setting out how to promote safer, active and sustainable travel to and from school.


RoSPA suggests that training needs to be revisited, reinforced and delivered in an age-appropriate way. Training should be conducted on the road using scenarios relevant to children and young people, such as distraction by mobile phones or MP3 players while crossing the road, rather than in the classroom. It also needs to be updated to take into account the dangers posed by new and emerging technologies, such as silent electric cars.

The data shows that road traffic collisions are avoidable with a mix of effective and comprehensive road safety strategies, enforcement and education. We must do all we can to ensure our children are safe when using the road.




Green Kids Cook aims to encourage and teach children around the 7–14 age group how to cook and eat food that’s as good for them as it is for the planet. Of course, you can prepare elements of the recipes with younger kids, and you’ll probably find yourself using the book for some inspiration, too. Cooking is a vital life skill that’s too often neglected. Kids who cook, and understand where their food comes from, don’t just have a head start when they set out into the world to fend for themselves, they’re also more likely to eat well and thrive as they grow up. This book isn’t directed at vegetarians or vegans (although virtually none of the recipes contain meat or fish), it’s about getting more plants on everyone’s plates, since most diets in the western world are woefully lacking in natural fruit and veg. It’s widely accepted that getting children to eat their greens is a challenge at the best of times and yet here’s a kids’ book filled with vegetable recipes. You may be surprised – once they try dishes, such as Vietnamese Summer Rolls or Butternut Bean Burgers where the vegetables play the starring role, rather than acting as a sidekick to a more familiar sausage (and that sausage is nowhere in sight), the veg are far more likely to get eaten.

As well as over 60 recipes for real family food with countless variations, there are sewing projects, a few foraging tips and even instructions on how to sprout your own pulses. We need our young to be engaged, to become climate-change warriors rather than worriers. Green Kids Cook sets out to give young people eco tips on how to make a difference, with healthy and sustainable recipes and plenty of fun projects along the way.


Jenny Chandler is a cookery teacher and food writer based in Bristol. She trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine where, after a decade of cheffing on sailboats and distant shores, she now works as a visiting lecturer. Jenny also teaches both adults and children at a number of other venues, including Borough Market, The Bertinet Kitchen and various primary school classrooms.


In 2016 Jenny was nominated The United Nations FAO European Ambassador for the International Year of Pulses, and she continues working to promote plant-focused diets with their undeniable environmental and health benefits. She leads the Forward Food Campaign workshops for The Humane Society International UK, working with catering industry chefs to create more sustainable menus, putting more plants on plates.

You’ll find plenty of tips and inspiration on her Instagram account @jennychandleruk

Pre-order online.


“Such an important book that weaves together the fun and playfulness of food
with positive and practical ways kids can make a difference to the world by how they cook and eat. I can’t wait to cook from it with my son.” – Anna Jones

“Cooking with your youngsters is a great bonding experience, and helps young ones to understand what food is, where it comes from, and the benefits it can have for us.” – Steve Backshall

“Fab recipes, great pictures and brilliant ideas for us all to be more sustainable. Will totally inspire and empower kids and parents to eat in a way that’s better for themselves and for the planet.” – Michaela Strachan

This Half Term at Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath, follow the trail of bees around the garden and learn from the brilliantly illustrated booklet what we can all do to look after the environment and our planet. We went along for the Nature Trail, but we stayed an extra long time because of the Sculpture Trail. To me a Sculpture Trail sounds like something aimed at an adult audience, and not something that children would find very interesting, but with a huge number of static and moving sculptures positioned all around the garden in the forms of animals, angels, a fountain and the alphabet, to name just a few, the children were just as keen to look at the sculptures as they were to find the items on the scavenger hunt. It was a glorious day and we enjoyed a light lunch from the Gardeners Retreat Cafe, a play in the adventure playground and of course several goes on the zip wire, which the children always look forward to, as there aren’t that many places with a zip wire. At the end of the trail there was a tree on which to hang a leaf shape with a written promise of how the children will help to protect our environment, and there was a nature-themed prize to take home.

Book tickets for your visit in advance online.

Wild World Heroes, Summer Reading Challenge 2021, arrives in libraries across the UK this June and July. Children can also take part online through the official digital Challenge platform.

Wild World Heroes is created in partnership with WWF and will inspire children to take action for nature and the environment. Join the Wild World Heroes for an exciting adventure in the fictional town of ‘Wilderville’. Through reading books, collecting rewards and learning all about our planet, Challenge participants will help the Heroes make Wilderville a greener place to live.

With exclusive incentives to collect and plenty of brilliant books to enjoy, the Challenge is the perfect summer activity to build young readers’ skills and confidence during the long break from school.

It’s fun, free and easy to take part!

The Summer Reading Challenge will launch in libraries in Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday 19 June and in England and Wales on Saturday 10 July.

Visit your local library during the holidays to sign up and start collecting special Wild World Heroes materials.

Children can take part in this summer’s Challenge at home too, at

Here they can set a personal reading goal, unlock digital rewards, and enjoy themed activities from top authors and illustrators all summer long. The digital Challenge platform is available all year round to help children keep track of their reading. Sign in from 19 June using your child’s existing Summer Reading Challenge username and password to start the Wild World Heroes journey.

Coming soon: Look out for our new online Library Zone, featuring a handy library-finder tool and highlights from all the wonderful Wild World Heroes events taking place this summer!

Wild World Heroes Book Collection

Children can read or listen to any books of their choice to complete their Challenge. The official Wild World Heroes Book Collection offers plenty of inspiration, featuring picture books, early reader titles and middle grade books connected to the core Challenge themes of the natural world, young heroes and standing up for the planet.

The titles in the Book Collection will be available to borrow from participating libraries and eBook platforms this summer. Find out more about the Wild World Heroes Book Collection here, or visit The Reading Agency’s page.

Free activities to enjoy at home

We have over 600 free downloadable resources on our Chatterbooks resources page, including themed booklists, author videos, activity packs and discussion questions. Check out the resources page every month as it is updated regularly with new materials to support children’s reading for pleasure.

Win a set of funny books!

To celebrate the release of The Super Secret Diary of Holly Hopkinson this month, HarperCollins Children’s Books have a competition for children to have fun with!

They are challenging children to draw a doodle about a funny thing that has happened to them. It can be about anything they like! The doodle that makes the author and publisher laugh-out-loud the most will win a copy of The Super Secret Diary of Holly Hopkinson and a set of other brilliant books. Find out more here.

Join our free event for schools

As an end of term treat, classrooms and school libraries across the country can hear two incredibly popular middle grade authors discuss their books and more in a free virtual event hosted by The Reading Agency.

Anna James is the bestselling author of the Pages and Co. series for readers aged 9+ and Nicola Skinner is a middle grade rising star. Friends in real life, they will sit down to talk about their latest books, what it’s really like being an author, and more. They will also be answering questions from students!

Teachers and school librarians can show the live event from their classroom’s smart board, or share the link with students to watch from their own computers.

Date: Thursday 17 May, 10-11AM
Register for a free ticket here

Raring2go! proudly supports the Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Raring2go! Magazines and websites are the local go to guide for families of primary school age children. All content in the 35 editions is family focussed.
During the first lockdown, their network of editors established the Raring2Read! Facebook group, which has proved to be an incredible hit with families. The group shares top tips and strategies for engaging children in reading and shares suggestions and recommendations for great books that capture children’s imaginations. It also encourages families to dedicate time every day to reading with their young children.


Godstone Farm is unveiling its latest attraction – The World of Dinosaur Roar! Discovery Trail from late May 2021*. Set in a natural woodland setting within the 45 acres of the farm, the new dinosaur trail has been created in partnership with Nurture Rights and is based on the acclaimed publishing property The World of Dinosaur Roar! which is produced in association with the Natural History Museum.

The trail features seven life-size models of some of the most famous types of dinosaurs; Dinosaur ROAR! The Tyrannosaurus rex, Dinosaur STOMP! The Triceratops, Dinosaur MUNCH!, The Diplodocus, Dinosaur WHACK!, The Stegosaurus, Dinosaur FLAP!, the Oviraptor, Dinosaur BOO!, The Deinonychus, and Dinosaur WHIZZ! The Coelophysis, with facts and information about each dinosaur along the trail.

To make the trail a ‘roarsome’ experience for budding young palaeontologists, there is a Discovery Trail Activity Pack available to purchase to accompany the trail containing activities sheets to complete along the trail, map, sticker sheet, certificate, and a Dinosaur ROAR mask.

In addition to the trail, Roar Rangers will be on hand to guide children and parents and answer questions; a giant ROAR ‘selfie head’; costume character of Dinosaur ROAR! The Tyrannosaurus rex; Dinosaur SQUEAK! The Compsognathus puppet; and a Palaeontology Tent that allows children to become budding palaeontologists through interactive play. The tent features interactives all designed to help young children understand more about the extraordinary world of dinosaurs!

The World of Dinosaur Roar! is created by Peter Curtis and inspired by the classic picture book  Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland and Henrietta Stickland published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

The stunning, life-size dinosaur models have been painstakingly produced in the UK by JSM Modelmakers. Every care has been taken to make the dinosaurs as thrilling as possible for young children and to spark the imagination of little ones in an exciting and friendly way.

For children wishing to hone their knowledge of these pre-historic creatures, the Godstone Farm gift shop will have a collection of The World of Dinosaur Roar! puzzles, toys, games, stickers and books available to buy.

Nicola Henderson, CEO at Godstone Farm comments: “We know that parents and children have been waiting what seems like a Jurassic-age for a new dinosaur trail, but we are confident that we have found the right partner in The World of Dinosaur Roar! which is produced in association with the Natural History Museum. This means we have been able to draw on their expertise to ensure that the new dinosaur trail is educational, informative and lots of fun.”

Henderson adds: “We’re sure that these new creatures will fit right in with all our other real animals, in their new home in our woodland hideaway. It’s been 18-months in the planning to ensure that everything is just right for our seven dinosaur friends.”

Nick Barrington, MD of Nurture Rights comments: “The World of Dinosaur Roar! is the perfect introduction to dinosaurs for young children, which is why it’s fantastic to be bringing the characters to life at Godstone Farm for children to enjoy.”

Access to the new Dinosaur trail is inclusive of ticket purchases for entry to Godstone Farm and anticipated to be open from late May 2021. To add to the experience, Godstone Farm will also be unveiling its new garden restaurant. The restaurant features an all-new menu offering a range of nutritious meals from local suppliers as well as snacks and treats to deliver a great family day out.

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