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“How can I help my kids get reenergised after the tech overload of lockdown” 

“How can I help my kids get reenergised after the tech overload of lockdown” 

“How can I help my kids get reenergised after the tech overload of lockdown”

Georgie Delaney, MBE has the answer:


Thanks to the new site 800 TGO UK gyms being ‘digitally activated’ getting the whole nation outdoors and healing our hearts, lungs and minds. Health matters!

This means that families can now download and use the gym locator, wherever you are this summer, to find your nearest free TGO outdoor gym, and access a range or classes and courses direct to your mobile phone. You can even charge your device while you exercise on many of the TGO gyms incorporating the energy generating range.

Classes are all stored on your personal dashboard online and cost upwards of just £2.99 so you can access them as many times as you like – including ‘Family Fit’ and ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ with Rob Lindley and the wellbeing package ‘Stride Into Life’ with Dani Simpson – helping you and your family to Think Well, Feel Well and Live Well.

“TGO ‘The Great Outdoor Gym Company’, was founded by Georgie Delaney, and I love being a tgo-activator because TGO is committed to create happier families, healthy people and a healthy planet” says Dani Simpson, Founder of

“TGO is taking strides to get the whole nation energised, fitter, happier and healthier, as am I. TGO has also planted 29,000 trees so far, and pledge to plant at least one tree with every class or course purchased which is something I admire”.

Tgo-activate is currently in partnership with M&S to offer Sparks customers free and discounted courses so check your Sparks app for the latest offers.

“Every action starts with a thought so if we can harness the power of positive-thinking we can better manage our emotions and actions” explains Dani. “Getting out there and getting the family fit and healthy, and caring for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is a choice – so if you are reading this, I encourage you to download and choose life” says Dani.

“My heart for our nation is to help every single person reclaim their authentic self, understand the psychological power of words on our health, create healthier boundaries, build happier homes and workplaces, listen to our body’s warning signals, prevent dis-ease and disease, have braver conversations with one another, feel energised to exercise and have fun, grow connections and friendships, embrace natural healing and understand the scientifically proven benefits of joy, gratitude and laughter. As a nation we can learn how, and choose to Stride Into Life”.

“Children laugh 500 times a time, but adults only 5 times a day. Let’s learn from our kids, embrace joy and heal the health and happiness of our communities. includes community workouts too as well as yoga, physio led and HIIT classes so there really is something for everyone, including the TGO signature course Heal, Care, Move”.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company has installed 2,000 outdoor gyms globally from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia so it’s no surprise that the company’s founder Georgie Delaney was awarded an MBE June 2021.

Dani’s Moving Personal Story

Dani Simpson, mum of 3 and Founder of believes passionately in tgo-activate so has created 4 courses including webinars and workbook activations to help parents and families develop resilience, protect mental health and choose positivity.

“As a working mum I suffered from post-natal depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue but found wellness in the power of positivity and the healing power of gratitude, community, friendship, authenticity, exercise and braver conversations” explains Dani.

“My Stride Into Life course on is unique in sharing the science behind choosing positivity (let’s face it we all need shed loads of positivity and resilience as parents) and is rooted in my very personal journey of healing and recovery which was the impetus for founding

I love sharing what worked for me and seeing others move towards optimal health and wellbeing too. Movement and good mental health is nature’s medicine.

As part of my journey, I met local firefighter Rob Lindley and was recovered enough by then to do his Family Fit with my kids in person. I was hugely impressed and all 3 of my children loved it! He’s a Dad of twins and knows how to keep kids engaged and make exercise fun! I’m fortunate to live near Rob and see him in action around our town and locally, so I’m thrilled that families and communities across the UK can now benefit and access Rob’s classes too wherever they live on It’s £2.99 well spent!”.

  • Visit find out more about Dani and Stride Into Life. £10 buys you 9 webinars and 9 workbooks encompassing all of Dani’s Think Well, Feel Well and Live Well courses for a healthier, happier family. 6 trees planted with every purchase.


“The TGO Vision is to support communities to become energised, healthy and sustainable with a focus on tackling unhealthy lifestyle, mental health and disease. We want to activate ‘people power’ for healthier happier people and planet”, says Georgie Delaney MBE, Founder of The Great Outdoor Gym Company and

“Everything we do is about excellence (TGO introduced British Safety Standards for outdoor gyms) so it was equally important to us to work with movement and wellbeing specialists to create the classes on

“Having been part of two Global Climate Change conferences we’ve realised that people power is the missing jigsaw piece. By living a healthy and more sustainable life we can help tackle non communicable disease (NCD’s) and climate change. We want to be the best at supporting communities to be healthy and to reach net zero, whilst encouraging society to live more sustainably”.

The purpose of the new content is – health, wellbeing and sustainability. Physiotherapy led courses manage and help people with Type 2 Diabetes, family-friendly circuits are available to do on and off TGO outdoor gyms, and wellbeing courses can be enjoyed on a walk or over a coffee including Dani’s ‘Stride Into Life’ course and Georgie’s own signature course ‘Heal, Care, Move’, which pinpoints the root cause of health and wellbeing issues at the heart of the individual.

Visit to find your nearest TGO gym wherever you are this summer – and most importantly, have fun!











More exciting TGO facts….

  • TGO gyms are safe for children and families and meet British Safety Standards
  • Look out for TGO’s energy generating range that now generates electricity using people power! Some TGO gyms use your energy so light up the surrounding trees!
  • Increasing numbers of gyms like the TGO gym in Slough will have smart activator screens, pioneering the world’s first outdoor gyms with free classes on outdoor screens.
  • In 2008, TGO designed an Olympic legacy gym for adidas who sponsored the project leading to TGO rolling out 70 of these giant outdoor gym spaces bringing legacy of the Olympic Games to ordinary communities across England.


  • TGO’s products have helped people get more active and tackle lifestyle diseases through movement. It is estimated that over 10 million benefit from TGO’s gym installations.
  • Georgie Delaney, MBE leads the TGO business on sustainability, incorporating tree planting for every piece of gym equipment installed – supporting charities such as NHS Forest and Eden Reforestation Project.


  • Georgie led a project with Terracycle and Right Guard, creating a gym out of recycled aerosol cans – installing one in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For a fit and fun day out with the kids, go and check it out this summer!


  • M&S Sparks is currently reaching out to 3M people in the UK via Sparks – check if you have received an offer for free or discounted courses, or visit


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