Comments from our readers

Find out what our readers think of us. Here is some of the feedback we have received recently

“I love all the different suggestions for activites for my very active boy, who I would love to see on your front cover (he is very handsome)… I always pick it up at my work and have a good flick through!” Natalie, Sundridge

“I shall be keeping this magazine safe as it is very informative and has shown me new things to see and do” Sharon, Bromley

“Love reading all the articles within the magazine. It would be great if there was a wider availablity of picking up the magazines from i.e. supermarket, leisure centre etc. At the moment I have to make an effort to travel from my home in Catford to Bromley just to try and pick up the magazine. Would like to know all future dates as to when you can expect the magazines to be available. Other than that, please keep it going. Have a good weekend:-)” Caroline, Catford

“Love the listing of local businesses and events because it gives me loads of ideas about what I’m going to do with my children” Karin, Bromley

“Love reading the magazine, love the competitions, and love all the useful information about whats happening in and around our area.” Colleen, Orpington

“It’s received this magazine through my sons primary school I do love it really helpful” Tanya, Orpington

“More competitions please x ” Janet, Knockholt

“i love family grapevine, and always looking forward to new ones every month. it gives you excellent ideas on what to do with the kids and all the important information. keep it the good work, its so colorful and interesting” Olajumoke, Biggin Hill

“Love reading through the activities, clubs and much more aimed at young children. Gives me ideas throughout the year” Jade, Eltham

“Its perfect” Kelly, Bromley

“Very good magazine,very informative” Eduard, Orpington

“My first magazine and full of information about events and activities we can do with our son very impressed ” Julia, Sidcup

“Lots of information inside, ideas for outings and school clubs” Lauren, Dulwich

“We really enjoy getting the Family Grapevine – very helpful publication” Sophie, Keston

“Great magazine always good information” Danielle, Bromley