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Sedgehill Academy

Sedgehill Academy is a mixed secondary school and sixth form in Beckenham Hill offering an outstanding education in a warm and supportive environment.

At Sedgehill Academy we offer an outstanding education in a warm and supportive environment, uniting high academic achievement with strong development of character. We have high expectations for all our

students and reject the view that success in life is pre-determined or that our talents are fixed. Our ambition is to bring out the best in everyone in our school community.

The Sedgehill Academy values of Hard Work, Kindness, Integrity and Excellence are embedded in to everything we do, our students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and, crucially our

staff model these values too.

We became part of United Learning in 2020, a group of schools that uniquely covers both the state and independent sectors allowing us to draw on expertise in both. Through being part of United Learning, we

can offer more to both staff and young people than any single school could offer alone. Our top priority at Sedgehill is always teaching and learning, and ensuring that we are delivering high quality of lessons day in, day out, in an environment that is free of disruption.

Over the past couple of years the Academy has been on a journey of rapid improvement, the results of which was are now seeing come through in our end of year assessments and recent GCSE and A Level grades. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with the core knowledge they need for success in education and later life. Students benefit from a wide range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular opportunities, plus fantastic sports, music and drama facilities.

We are a inclusive school, we value and respect students of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities. Above all, in order to be able to achieve their full potential, I believe that young people need to enjoy learning, in an environment of which they are proud, and one in which they feel safe and happy.


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