Croydon High

Dance and Theatre Arts

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

The programme at the Academy is focused on self-development and is designed to improve students’ speech and language skills whilst boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Each week the class work together on a new play, acting out new characters and new stories. We gradually develop the students’ performance skills and in our third term all of our students take part in a short, scripted production in a theatre.

Our Youth Theatre curriculum for 11+ yrs greatly assists young people in improving their creativity, confidence and communication skills; it also prepares them for their adult life and in particular with presentation, public speaking and performance talents. Our curriculum covers voice, improvisation theatre skills and script work.

Academy teachers undergo regular training in the Helen O’Grady Drama System which is used exclusively in our classes worldwide. Of course, all are DBS checked. Principals attend classes regularly to keep in close contact with students and monitor their progress. Most of all we aim to nurture a happy, fulfilling environment where everyone is included and friendships are made.

Croydon High