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Fabrica Presents ‘My Crazy Family Golf’ by Watts & Dad

Fabrica Gallery

40 Duke Street, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 1AG

22 July to 28 August 2022

from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm

This summer Fabrica presents, My Crazy Family Golf, a participative project made by Lisa Watts and her father, Gordon Watts (referred to as ‘Dad’), including the short film, Dad Cares.

Together Lisa Watts & Dad have created a series of crazy golf holes, each including audio recordings of the family made during Dad’s years of caring. We invite you to play five holes of crazy golf with a handmade golf club and a scorecard to complete, as well as additional tabletop games.

My Crazy Family Golf tells Dad’s story of being the primary carer for his wife (Lisa’s Mum) for the majority of her adult life. Mum’s complex mental illness has had profound effects on all the family and their relationships with each other. At the time of making the work Lisa’s mum entered residential care and this project grew from Lisa and Dad’s mutual desire to build something new to bring them closer.

Fun and poignant, My Crazy Family Golf asks us to reflect on our own family relationships and the nature of care.


Wednesday 12-6pm
Thursday 12-6pm
Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 12-6pm
Sunday 12-6pm

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