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People with severe mental illness in Sussex have been given a musical masterclass in the art of being a DJ, courtesy of Fatboy Slim and Brighton based DJs Audio Anonymous/Atomic Drop.

The musician, DJ and record producer, also known as Norman Cook, was the special guest at the workshop in Brighton & Hove, organised as part of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation’s Trust’s (SPFT) arts and health programme Make Your Mark and funded by their official NHS charity, Heads On.

The event saw six people with severe mental illness come together to learn the skills of being a DJ, sharing the joy of music in the beautiful surroundings of Rockwater on Hove seafront.

Natalie Rowlands, Senior Occupational Therapist at Sussex Partnership and lead organiser for the event, said:  “Whilst there is growing understanding about the role the arts and creativity can play in recovery for people with common mental health problems, much less is known about this for people with severe mental illness, who can often face the greatest stigma around their illness and as a result far less opportunities to be creative. We are absolutely delighted to be working with Fatboy Slim and Audio Anonymous/Atomic Drop to challenge some of this stigma and bring the sheer joy of music to people.

“It was truly amazing to see the joy on participants faces during this workshop.

“The aim was to bring people together through music, giving people a unique opportunity that they would not normally have access to, giving people hope, inspiration and a creative outlet.

“One individual told me that it had been a pivotal moment in her life, it was the beginning of a new chapter for her and something she will never forget.”

Through its arts & health programme, Make Your Mark, Sussex Partnership and Heads On recognise that access to the arts and creativity, including music, is often very limited for people with severe mental health issues, particularly when spending large periods of time in hospital with limited involvement in their local community. The workshops are part of the Charity’s approach to changing this, making music open and accessible to everyone through creating unique opportunities that give a creative voice to people who have all too often been excluded.

The DJ music workshop is the first in a series of four workshops, funded by Heads On and delivered in partnership by the charity and Sussex Partnership.

Rachael Duke, Head of Charity at Heads On, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting the music workshops, opening up greater access and putting people with severe mental illness at the forefront of creativity; celebrating the extraordinary contribution that participation in the arts can make to recovery. For far too long people with severe mental illness have faced stigma and exclusion in all aspects of life and we are thrilled that Fatboy Slim and Audio Anonymous/Atomic Drop have joined us in challenging this. Huge thanks to them for their time, expertise and support, today has been simply inspirational for all of us.”

The workshop programme includes:

  • ‘The Beat Goes on’ Samba Drumming Workshop: Wednesday 22nd June 11:00-12:30pm
  • ‘The Good Vibe’ Choir workshop: Wednesday 29th June 11-12:30pm
  • Sound Healing Workshop: Wednesday 6th July 11-12pm

All workshops are held at Rockwater in Hove, and are open to Sussex Partnership service users. Places must be booked in advance. Full details can be found at

Showing live sport and family films

After two years of the pandemic, with little happening in the way of sport or entertainment, Brighton Marina is delighted to announce the return of their Brighton’s Big Screen.

Between 27th June – 24 July, Wimbledon, live sport and family films will be shown at the Village Square at the Marina.

Wimbledon will commence on 27th June – 10th July and will be LIVE on the big screen and free to watch. Britain’s number 1 Emma Radanucu, should she be declared fit enough to play at Wimbledon after her “freak” injury at the Nottingham Open recently, will begin her campaign on either Monday 27 or Tuesday 28 June, when the first round matches take place.

2017 was the first year that the Marina offered up free entertainment in their Village Square on a big LED Screen. The success of that event propelled Brighton Marina to continue every year until the pandemic.

Sophie Chandler, Marketing Manager for Brighton Marina, who has organised the Big Screen every year said, “It is fantastic to be welcoming back our regulars and a lot of visitors to Brighton Marina. The fact that we can offer Wimbledon live, other headline sports, and family films for free, is something we take pride in.”

Following Wimbledon Live, Brighton Marina’s ‘Screen on the Green’ will be showing family films such as Sonic the Hedgehog, West Side Story, Sing 2 and Reminiscence, providing something for everyone. In between films there will be other live sports including top cricket matches, The World Games, Golf Open Championships, the World Athletic Championships & the F1 Lenovo Grand Prix de France.

There will be no films during Wimbledon due to the number of live matches.

Residents and visitors will be able to sample food and drink from all the outlets around the Marina and in the Village Green which offer everything from Greek food at Skara, light lunches and snacks from Cherry Tree, Bella Napoli, Café Rouge and the Laughing Dog Café offering ice cream, coffee and sandwiches.

Nourish – Art to feed the senses this summer at Wakehurst

8 July – 18 September 2022; 10.00-18.00
Tickets on sale May 2022
Included in day ticket price £14.95 adults, £7.50 17-25yrs: children free
Nourish: After Hours from £15, Workshops from £15
Wakehurst, Sussex

Five major outdoor art installations premiere at Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic
garden in Sussex, as part of new summer programme inspired by Kew’s world leading science projects.

Highlights include:
• Bespoke 24ft high sculpture suspended across Wakehurst’s Westwood Valley by American artist John Grade, rising and falling in response to rainfall, inspired by Kew’s research into the high-altitude
ecosystem in the Colombian Andes called the Páramo
• The False Banana Pavilion, a newly commissioned large-scale installation from Flea Folly Architects celebrates enset, the remarkable African wild banana relative that could become a resilient climate smart crop of the future
• UK Young Artist of the Year nominee Malgorzata Lisiecka reflects on the power of fungi with a series of 3D interactive sculptures, inspired by the underground networks of mycelium and roots that support all life on earth, currently being researched in Kew’s Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia project
• Eight After Hours evening events offer visitors unique opportunity to experience the gardens at sunset, complete with live performances and outdoor dining

This summer, Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden, invites visitors to discover a series of newly
commissioned outdoor installations, each responding to critical Kew Science research projects that explore the future of plants and food in communities across the world. Nestled across the botanic gardens, each artwork draws visitors into a new habitat in the diverse landscape, carving out time to savour in nature, and to appreciate the restorative benefits of biodiversity first-hand.

Anchored between three towering oaks and one beech in Westwood Valley, Isla from renowned artist John Grade is a striking 24ft sculpture formed of 4000 individual resin pieces suspended over the steep ravine. The dramatic work takes inspiration from the Espeletia or frailejón plant, a perennial shrub in the sunflower family, native to Colombia and found in the páramo, a high-altitude ecosystem in the Andes Mountain Range. Just as the frailejón gathers rain and mist and then releases moisture into the ground, Grade’s installation will respond to rainfall, collecting the water in a series of interconnected cast pieces, and lowering towards the ground where it will slowly release the water and return to its original position. Visitors can experience this spectacle from numerous viewpoints, including a new 12m wide viewing platform being constructed this Spring. Kew scientist Dr Mauricio Diazgranados Cadelo is exploring the impact of climate change on this crucial habitat, which provides more than 80% of the fresh water to local communities.

Standing proudly in Wakehurst’s Bethlehem Wood, The False Banana Pavilion takes inspiration from
traditional huts found in Ethiopia, home of enset. This architectural installation, created by spatial-storytellers Flea Folly Architects, champions this wild banana relative, a staple crop for over 20 million people in Ethiopia. Upon entering the pavilion, visitors will be immersed in a cascade of giant paddle-shaped enset leaves that clad the walls, with the name and location of each unique landrace carved across them, a visual analogy of enset’s spectacular diversity. Sometimes known as ‘the tree against hunger’, enset’s unique food security qualities have been the focus of Kew Research Fellow Dr James S Borrell in collaboration with Ethiopian scientists. In mapping enset’s distribution and diversity, Borrell continues to increase scientific understanding of this remarkable crop, helping to support the food security and climate resilience of communities across the Ethiopian Highlands.

Visitors return to the wonders of Colombia, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, through
Malgorzata Lisiecka’s Hidden Dimension. As visitors enter the gardens, they will encounter the first of a bespoke series of 3D structures from the UK Young Artist of the Year nominee, designed to bring the beauty of underground fungal networks to the surface. Formed of a combination of willow and textiles, the large-scale structures will also takeover Wakehurst’s Himalayan Glade, where two further mycelial installations simulate an x-ray view of the underground communities. Visitors will also be able to appreciate the detail of the largescale artworks up-close as they pass under a bespoke archway, nestled deep in the Glade. The thread-like networks are inspired by the Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia project led by Kew’s Dr Mauricio Diazgranados and Dr Tiziana Ulian. This research aims to improve wider access to information on the country’s useful plants and fungi for the benefit and use of local communities.

Further inspiration comes from the Caucasus and Mexico in the final two installations. Fine artist Helen Law champions the work of Dr Aisyah Faruk, who in collaboration with partners in Armenia and Georgia is protecting important wild fruit and nut species by collecting and conserving seeds from 120 species, engaging rural communities in sustainable harvesting and establishing local community orchards. In her playful installation, visitors can see the journey from seed to plate as edible plants grow through a large-scale wooden table. Above, Law suspends colourful seed-like structures formed of recycled acetate which cast intricate shadows on the ground, inviting people to pause and consider the fundamental role nature plays in supporting human life.

Multidisciplinary audio-visual artist Augustine Leudar also creates a sanctuary of reflection for visitors in Wakehurst’s Water Gardens through a new bespoke 3D soundscape. Transporting listeners to the forests of Mexico, Leudar’s audio work immerses people in his recordings of native birds, insects and animals alongside folk music of Veracruz, audible across an acre of Wakehurst’s woodland. The soundscape draws attention to the reforestation project led by Kew scientist Dr Tiziana Ulian who, in collaboration with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, is banking the seeds of 300 different tree species to protect the vital forests used not only for timber, firewood and rituals but also ensures clean water and the prevention of soil erosion.

Young adventurers roaming Wakehurst can unearth extra interactive activities at every installation. From brass rubbings to QR codes revealing delicious recipes or fascinating films, there is something to inspire budding scientists and artists alike.

Events programme
Throughout the summer, a series of workshops and events offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to nourish their minds and bodies in the biodiverse settings of Wakehurst’s wild landscape. Full listings will be announced in May.

Nourish: After Hours
Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 and Thursday 18 – 21 August 2022
From £15: 10% discount for members
Booking essential

Nourish: After Hours sees the gardens and installations come alive with captivating live performances, open-air cooking and botanical cocktails, forming the perfect midsummer date or night out with friends. Wandering through the landscape, evening guests will find many of the artworks can be enjoyed anew at sunset, enhanced with live performances, and delicious food inspired by the countries in which the Kew scientists are undertaking research.

Create Music Launches Summer School this July

With the previous restrictions imposed on group gathering lifted, Create Music have announced that this year’s Summer School will return in-person this July, allowing group music-making to take place at various venues across Brighton & Hove and East Sussex.

Courses run from 4–22 July, providing opportunities for pupils from school years 2 to 11 to learn a wide range of instruments and musical practices. These include singing, guitar, violin, keyboard, composing and GarageBand, as well as many more instruments belonging to the wind, brass and string family. The summer school caters for various levels of ability, with several courses tailored to first time learners, as well as more experienced performers who can play as part of a group or larger ensemble.

All courses run from 9.30am to 3.30pm and build towards an informal celebration performance for family and friends, which takes place either at 3.30pm on the final day or early evening.

Peter Chivers, Director for Create Music, said“All Summer School courses are delivered by our team of experienced and friendly music teachers, providing a fun and engaging music experience where all young musicians are supported and encouraged as they work towards a celebration performance. We can’t wait to welcome pupils back to courses this July and we look forward to seeing you soon!”

One former Summer School pupil said“It’s really good and if you are unsure about learning something, it will help you know more about it and encourage you to join in.”

Courses take place at Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts in Falmer, East Sussex College and St Andrew’s Prep in Eastbourne, Performing Arts Centre in Lewes and Sound Rooms in Brighton.

Fees start at £33 for one-day courses. Students already learning with Create Music will receive an automatic 10% discount.
For more information visit

Brighton: Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, University of Sussex, Falmer & Sound Rooms on the Lewes Road
Eastbourne: St Andrew’s Prep in Eastbourne & East Sussex College
Lewes: Lewes Performing Arts Centre.

Video: Summer School 2022

Video: We Are Create Music


What to do if spider season has you caught in a web of fear

As the warmer weather arrives, so does the inevitable influx of eight legged visitors, as the UK enters the much-maligned spider season. At Drusillas Zoo Park in Sussex however, it’s an exciting time of year, as ‘Spiderwoman’ Angela Hale and her husband, Ray – both of the British Tarantula Society – prepare to deliver a number of unusual, life-changing courses that confront spider phobia and can cure someone of their fear once and for all.

As we approach the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll start seeing a lot more spiders in and around your home, in particular lots of baby spiders around at the moment, as garden spider egg sacks will have just hatched. The weather is warming now so insects are breeding like crazy, meaning there is a very rich food source for spiders, so they are able to thrive.

Lovingly known as “Tarangela” amongst her colleagues, Angela knows almost all there is to know about arachnids. Having recently retired from full time employment at Drusillas after 22 years, she now concentrates on studying and identifying our native eight-legged friends and she even boasts a collection of over 100 spiders at home in her spare bedroom!

Ray commented: “It’s spider season again and as the days get longer it seems everyone thinks that spiders get bigger. In reality they are no bigger than last year it’s just that having not seen them during the winter months we all jump when we see one. Although for me it’s a jump for joy! Why? Because spiders are our friends and do an amazing job at ridding us of those annoying flies that buzz around our heads and help to protect our much-needed crops against insects intent on munching it all.”

Angela commented: “Even as a child I loved spiders. They have fascinated me for over thirty years. Something some people find strange is that I’m a woman. They are often surprised and ask if I go on expeditions to Borneo with my husband and do I look for spiders? The truth is that I lead the expeditions and I’m often the first one into a cave or a rainforest to find them. I have found a number of new species and cannot wait to get back out there”

Angela continued:  “Here in the UK we have over 800 different types of spiders, none of which are dangerous to humans. On the contrary, spiders are actually extremely helpful and harmless creatures, but despite this fact, they instil fear in many and have a terrible reputation.”

“What people don’t always realise is that spiders are an integral part of the ecosystem and are working to help us. These little wonders consume countless crop-destroying, disease-carrying insects annually, saving both livelihoods and lives.”

“There is no good reason to be afraid of them. The vast majority of the world’s spiders are harmless and extremely beneficial invertebrates. There are no dangerous spiders in the UK. Even the big spiders such as tarantulas don’t want to hurt you. They are very docile and quite friendly if you give them a chance.”

However millions of perfectly rational people have an irrational fear. But do spiders deserve such a wicked reputation? Drusillas want to change that reputation and as such, in partnership with Angela and Ray, have developed a four-hour course that aims to assist the arachnophobe to not only overcome their fears, but to leave with a better understanding of these misunderstood creatures.

Throughout the day participants will learn all about spider biology and behaviour, be taught how to face their fears, and even handle some new spider friends.  The day is managed under very calm, controlled conditions, and with experts on hand at all times.

Angela Hale continued: “We’ve held many spider phobia courses in the past and we see such wonderful results; everyone that attends leaves their phobia at the door and goes home feeling much more confident and less afraid. It can be hard for people, especially those who are terrified, but the more time you spend in a spider’s company the more you realise there really isn’t anything to be afraid of. It’s just Hollywood that’s made them scary!”

“If you do find an unwanted guest, please bear in mind the wonderful work they do. Take the time to remove it humanely by gently placing a glass over the spider, then carefully pushing a piece of paper underneath; you can then move it outside and let it go.”

The courses will run on various dates between July and October at Drusillas Zoo Park. To find out visit

Located just off the A27 in Alfriston, Drusillas Park is open daily from 10am. For more information please telephone 01323 874100 or visit

Into The Trees | 9-11th September 2022 Ashdown Forest, Sussex

We all need space to grow. Into The Trees offers the whole family the opportunity to actively explore our natural surroundings creating life-long memories together.

Young children, parents and grandparents are invited to try a host of nature, arts and sports activities from the team behind the sell-out Elderflower Fields. Enjoy new experiences with the family, or simply relax in the beautiful wild playground where roots grow beyond those of the ancient trees.

Pippingford Park is an enchanting protected woodland in the heart of the Ashdown Forest and Into The Trees brings visitors together with experts and activities from the outdoors world. A chance to explore a range of mindful woodland based arts, sport and environmental activities from tree-top climbing to drawing from nature, fort building, wand making, pewter casting, foraging, pond dipping, lantern making and raft building – there is something for everyone. Weekend guests camp out under dark starry skies and enjoy relaxed fireside performances, excellent locally produced food, and the Into The Trees Saturday night ceilidh.

The So Sussex formula of adventure, discovery and inspiration continues to encourage even more generations to spend time together outdoors and discover the wonder of nature.

Weekend camping and glamping tickets plus excellent value day tickets including reduced rates for grandparents on sale now.

Create roots together at Into The Trees this September
Into The Trees 9 / 10 / 11th September 2022  Pippingford Park, Nutley, Uckfield, Sussex TN22 3HW

Creative Learning at Theatre Royal Brighton
upcoming events to inspire and excite this season!

Creative Learning at Theatre Royal Brighton throws open the doors to the world of theatre and the arts with workshops, talks, tours, courses and events. Schools, families, children, adults and community groups are welcomed in to learn, create, play and have fun.

Whether you attend our workshops and events as part of a school group visit, as a family, as a young person or an adult, our Creative Learning programmes have been created to inspire your imagination and bring out your passions for theatre and the arts. Whether your interest lies in performing or creating, or you’re fascinated with the technical side of the theatre and what goes on behind the scenes.

It’s been an eventful 2022 so far – with Sharing the Limelight, an oral history project in collaboration with Inroads Productions, exploring the life and times of the theatre in the 1950s and 60s seen through the eyes of audiences and staff. As well as visits from Queen’s Park School – their year 5 students not only went behind the scenes to learn all about the various departments at our fascinating 214 year old theatre, but also performed their show ‘The Snow Queen’ to friends and family on stage this month.

Our Saturdays at the Royal programme for children and families includes Skip’s Saturday Club for 7 – 11 year olds, Skip’s Family Workshops for 5 – 10 years olds, Stories with Skip for 2 – 4 year olds and BRAND NEW Baby Skip for 6 – 18 month olds and their grown-ups. These sessions are themed and include a look around the Theatre, arts and crafts, playing, stories and drama; and if you’re wondering who Skip is – he’s a mischievous theatre mouse and the mascot for our Skip’s Club events, look out for him when you visit the Theatre!

We have a variety of Holiday Workshops and Events planned for the upcoming Easter and Summer holidays. On Apr 12 and Mon 15 & Tue 16 Aug, tweens can plan, create, and present a Play In A Day under the guidance of local theatre company Savage Heart. 4 to 8 year olds can join us for The Secret Life of Fairies – a magical fairy trail around the Theatre on Thu 21 and Fri 22 Apr, as well as Fri 29 and Sat 30 Jul. Not all children want to run around and be loud, so we also have Quiet Holiday Club running 23 – 25 Aug, inspired by The Borrowers, this course offers an opportunity to imagine, create and play in a calm, nurturing, safe space.
For adults we have our weekly Age is a Stage workshops that take place on Friday mornings. These joyfully silly physical and comedy theatre sessions are for anyone 50yrs+ who wants to break away from the everyday and have some fun on our stage. No experience is necessary, just step through the door and the spirit of the beautiful Theatre Royal Brighton will energise you and you’ll remember what fun there is when like minds meet! Chris Cresswell has worked in theatre, performance and teaching for over 20 years; in these popular workshops he creates a safe space where you can enjoy some precious time outside of the norm and experience the joy of just letting go.

Creative Learning ignites, inspires, develops and nurtures the creative spark in all of us – come on in and try for yourself at Theatre Royal Brighton this year!

For more information contact:
[email protected]
To book for all events:

Listing Information

Making and playing activities in a safe and creative space for you and your baby.
9.30 – 10.30AM | AGE 6 – 18 MONTHS | £6 PER ADULT
A perfect introduction to Theatre Royal Brighton for little ones and their grown-ups. Themed games, mini-makes and a story on stage.
10 – 11AM | AGE 2 – 4 YEARS | £6 PER PERSON
A chance to share some special time together. Exciting and imaginative making and playing around the theatre.
10.30 – 12PM | AGE 5 – 10 YEARS | £8.50 PER PERSON
Creative, fun and friendly workshops. Warm-up games, a look on stage, and themed drama and craft activities.
10.30 – 12PM | AGE 7 – 11 YEARS | £10 PER PERSON
Not all fairies live in the woods, some live in theatres! Enchanting things to see and do around Theatre Royal Brighton in this magical fairy trail for children and their grown-ups.
Plan, create and present a performance in a day!
TUE 12 APR [9 – 12 YEARS] | MON 15 AUG [7 – 11 YEARS] | TUE 16 AUG [9 – 12 YEARS]
10AM – 4PM | £45 PER PERSON
Not all children want to run around and be loud. Inspired by the classic tale of The Borrowers and the beauty of teeny-tiny things, this course offers an opportunity to imagine, create and play in a calm, nurturing and safe space.
TUE 23 – THU 25 AUG
10AM – 3PM | £75 PER PERSON
Fun-filled weekly classes exploring the art of play, creativity, and dramatic arts. Open to everyone 50+, no experience needed, come along and experience the joy of just letting go!
11AM – 12.30PM | £10 PER PERSON

Hilary McGrady, Director General of the National Trust, to open contemporary tearoom and new facilities at Nymans, West Sussex.

Converted from an historic Riding House into a contemporary styled tearoom, the conclusion of this three-year project sees the introduction of a Changing Place toilet and accessible facilities for all.

Monday 6 June 3.30pm – 5.30pm

  • 4.15pm welcome from Zara Luxford, General Manager of the Nymans and Standen portfolio of properties.
  • Oliver Messel’s nephew, Thomas Messel, furniture maker, will introduce the reimagining of the ruins project.
  • Hilary McGrady will formally open the new tearoom with an opportunity to meet Hilary afterwards.
  • Tours of the new garden in the ruins will also be available with Thomas Messel and Assistant Head Gardener, Nick Delves, later in the afternoon.

The Messel family’s former Riding House will enjoy a new lease of life this summer as it opens as a tearoom at the heart of the garden. This is the last phase of a project to improve visitor facilities throughout Nymans. The Riding House’s contemporary atmosphere and expansive views of the Weald from the lift accessible mezzanine floor, make this an enchanting place to stop for lunch or coffee. The Riding House tearoom cleverly combines modern facilities within the original historic building.

Accessibility for all has been at the forefront of General Manger Zara Luxford’s mind throughout the three-year project. She says: ‘The café and toilet provisions at Nymans have long needed improving and the changes we’ve made will much better meet the needs of our visitors. It’s great to see an underused building given a new lease of life and to provide facilities in the heart of the garden, right next to the house’.

The much-needed modern facilities, which so many visitors have asked for in feedback, include 20 new toilets, including family toilets, a new fully accessible toilet all conveniently found in a central location within the garden. A new Changing Place and added WC’s opened last year next to our existing café.

Serving tempting treats, light lunches and afternoon tea, visitors can enjoy the relaxed barn like interior with comfortable seating and views across the fields and woods from the mezzanine floor. Order from the counter or sit back and enjoy table service. To hire the mezzanine space for weddings or events please contact Nymans directly.

The income from the new tearoom will directly support conservation work at Nymans, making sure the gardens, house and woodland are cared for and beautiful, for everyone, for ever.

Brighton Artists Encourage Children to Paint the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II has been painted a staggering 967 times by world-renowned artists such as Lucian Freud, John Wonnacott and Isobel Peachey – even Prince Phillip painted Her Majesty having breakfast and now, it seems Brighton children would like to have a go.

To celebrate the launch of My Little Masterpiece, a project to encourage children to swap their screens for outdoor play and more creative pursuits such as painting, drawing and building dens, British nappy care brand Sudocrem surveyed* 1000 7 to 11 year olds and the Queen topped the chart as the person they would most like to paint, securing 46% of the votes. In second place was Ant and Dec with 12% of votes. Her Majesty “scored” higher than both Cristiano Ronaldo and Raheem Sterling combined (8% and 5% respectively). Interestingly (or bizarrely, depending on which way you look at it) Boris Johnson (9%) and Donald Trump (4%) both were favoured over the likes of Beyonce (2%) and Kim Kardashian, who was at the bottom of the pile with 1%!

The survey also showed that children would like to do more art at school. Primary school children only spend one hour a week doing art but the vast majority would like it to be longer. 40% would like to spend a whole day painting and drawing and 31% would like to spend the whole week being arty – let’s face it, it’s much more fun than maths!

Brighton-based art duo, Leap Then Look say, “We believe there are huge benefits to making art and engaging with new ways of looking and thinking. Creative activities support the development of vital life skills and overall wellbeing. Children need access to art more than ever!

Sudocrem’s My Little Masterpiece project aims to inspire creativity in children and to show them that inspiration can be found everywhere they look. Sudocrem will be teaming up with some wonderful artists from around the world to provide ideas for art projects that require nothing more than stepping outside –  because ideas are everywhere! With the help of artists like Eliza Southwood, Joy Pirkle, Lucy Cran and Bill Leslie, Sudocrem are going to help children to create their own little masterpieces, give away lots of special art kits and provide schools with hundreds of brushes and pots of paint.

Children can submit their portraits of the Queen – and what better timing than coinciding with Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations – and one little masterpiece will be chosen to appear on a limited edition pot of My Little Sudocrem. A unique way to showcase the work of a budding young artist.

Sudocrem’s My Little Masterpiece project will run from 21st April to 31st July 2022. Visit for more details and to enter.

Welcome to Good Vibrations Society 5-7th August 2022 | A weekend of camping in nature to nourish the soul

Good Vibrations Society is an event for old and young to enjoy music and wellness in the beautiful surroundings of the Ashdown forest. An invitation to experience community in all its glory, join us to celebrate friendship, expression, personality and Nature.

Dance to incredible musicians from around the world; wake up to wild swimming &  with free yoga and dance workshops; stimulate your mind with daily talks and conversation; play in an evolving playscape; explore the forest with guided walks and take the weight off with a cold beverage in our onsite pub or hearty meal in our seated restaurant.

Set across 3 venues, Good Vibrations Society celebrates a wide variety of music. Society members will be able to enjoy live music and DJs on our Bloom stage during the day and night; a naughty selection of DJs in our new after-party venue taking over after the main stage closes each evening or head down to our Shala venue from 6 o’clock each day for acoustic, world, devotional and blissed-out electronic beats from the likes of Taz Rashid, Nessie Gomes and Carrie Tree to name just a few….. [check line up on the website]

Good Vibrations Society offers a weekend of regeneration and deep connection for those that seek it out. Sitting at the heart of the event is an ethos of personal development, community and connection to nature, each other and ourselves:

The Shala is our space onsite dedicated to this offering free Yoga classes each morning, workshops each afternoon talks dotted throughout the day and music each evening.

Healthy food and drink: The event will be packed full of a wide variety of fresh, healthy and hearty food and drink from vegan and vegetarian food stalls to our seated vegetarian restaurant run by The Seasons Kitchen in Forest Row.

Guided walks across the Ashdown Forest : The Ashdown Forest is a wholly unique area of land. Teaming with flora and fauna Good Vibrations Society exists so that this land can be maintained, experienced and supported year-round. There will be daily and nighty guided walks on offer across the forest including options for foraging.

Wild swimming : On-site there will be a wild swimming lake to refresh the mind and body with lifeguards throughout the morning and afternoon each day. This gorgeous lake will awaken the senses and connect you with the natural flow of the river Medway.

Living in a world that requires change, we have an imperative to act. Good Vibrations Society aims to bring together communities and offer a platform for discussion, education, and opportunities to take action.

Alongside the entertainment, there will be talks on ecology, conservation, rewilding, and landscape recovery. Collaboration with local and regional charities and organisations concerned with the maintenance and upkeep of the surrounding ecosystem will offer spaces for conversation, further information and how to get involved. The Ashdown Forest Foundation will also be offering guided walks across the forest and way of connecting with and learning more about our ecosystems.

Camping is included with each ticket with additional reasonably priced Boutique Camping options provided by The Happy Glamper. Local hotels are within a short drive but on-site is where the real magic happens! Caravans and camper vans are also welcome, with paid options for electric hook-up, wifi, toilets and warm showers.

Good Vibes is a safe, welcoming space for adults and children to play in the fields and through the trees. There will be family-friendly camping areas in both the Boutique and main camping spots onsite and engaging play opportunities during the day including guided walks and foregoing trips out across the Ashdown Forest. Children under 5 go free and the festival also offers family tickets with a built-in discount through the website.

5-7th August 2022
Pippingford Park Manor, Nutley, Uckfield TN22 3HW