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Seriously Fun Swimming Schools

Learn to swim at our private swimming school with small class sizes for babies, toddlers and children. Join our term time weekly swimming lessons and school holiday intensive swim courses.

We have swim classes for all abilities - beginner to advanced swimmers, aged 4 months to 12 years. Our children’s swimming lessons run year round in line with the school calendar at warm indoor pools. Siblings of different abilities are able to swim at the same, or similar, times as we run multiple class levels each session.

Our customer promise: We care. We care a whole lot. We care about your child, we care if they enjoy their swimming lessons and leave us happier than when they arrived.

Age 3 to 12 years
Max 6 per class
Beginner to Advanced
30 minute lessons

Watch our video
Teaching YOUR child to swim in a safe and FUN way.

Take a look at our children’s swimming lessons here: https://vimeo.com/181923679

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